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Age Gap in Relationship as per astrology

Age Gap in Relationship as per astrology

Age gap is very common in relationship but sometimes this gap found very much. Astrology can help you to find out how much age difference will be between you and your life partner.

Astrology have answer of every question for marriage and relationship but some questions are usually not found in books & texts. That is the reason we are reading more and more horoscopes for research and this research is continue.

Ascendant or 1st house of horoscope is of yourself. The opposite house is of spouce or to whom you will get married.

Infographic your and your life partner house

When the 7th house and its lord affected by Saturn or if the effect of Saturn is on 7th house and its lord (both) the native get marry with an old age person and age difference depends upon the intensity of Saturn’s effect.

If we talk about bollywood celebs Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor, Rajesh Khanna and Dimple Kapadia, Dharmendra & Hema Malini these are perfect example of this principle. Their age difference is well known. However we keep horoscopes of those people also who comes in our contact for consultation.

In addition to that if the Lord of Navamsa is affected by Saturn the age difference will decreases as much as the effect of Saturn. To understand this rule of astrology you will need intermediate knowledge of astrology but if you want to understand it easily the basic rule is the Lord of 7th house and 7th house is the key. When these both are affected by the planets which are high on degrees age difference rule found as per astrology.

Every planet has 30 degrees. From 0 to 5 a planet called child by its age. From 6 to 25 degrees its age is young. And finally from 26 to 30 the planet called old age. If an old age planet affect the 7th house and lord of 7th house native get married to a person much elder than the native. This age difference could be more than 10 year or lower than 10 year also but it exists.

So this is the way to determine the age difference of your life partner.

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