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Constant Fights Eating Into Your Relationship ?

Constant Fights Eating Into Your Relationship ?

Have You Been Fighting A Lot With Your Partner?

Have you been noticing a lot of fights in your relationship off late? Though a small, friendly banters are fine and healthy for a relationship. But, the moment even a small thing like ‘why you kept wet towel on the bed’ turns into a massive argument then it’s time to think about what is going wrong in your relationship.

The reasons behind these increased arguments and fights can be many, like:

  • Mental stress or anxiety to either of the partner
  • Lack of interest and love in each other
  • Either of the partners has become irritated with constant nagging of the other one
  • Extra-marital affair
  • Problem in professional life
  • Lack of communication and understanding between the partners
  • Excess use of drugs and alcohol
  • Financial crisis at home
  • Too much interference from the parents
  • Lack of physical intimacy
  • You both are not able to spend enough time with each other

The reason can be many, but these constant fights can lead to an end of your relationship until you try to find out ways to med it. Begin by looking for the reasons of these fights and then resolve to clear out them with your partner with understanding.

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