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Is there love marriage in my life – Kundali Question

my friend told me that you help her in her problem, so pls help me too. you must be knowing what phase i am going through.. whether i am able to get married with my love. I want to know that is there love marriage yoga is in my kundali, if this is possible…easily or with lots of obstacles. is he return to my life.. how my life partner will be? when ? pls guide me..

Kundali Online Answer: Yes you have love marriage yoga in your horoscope. But there are many problems in your way. You cannot marry without disputes. You must think about yourself. Even your marriage would be delayed if you wait for him. If you share the horoscope of your lover I can clearly tell you how much he loves you. Please do the following remedy to solve your love problems. Please do not expect guarantee but this mantra is very effective. Place a snap of your boyfriend  in front of you. Read the above mantra 324 in a day.

aum jhaan jhaan jhaan haan haan haan hen hen swaha

ॐ झा झा झा हाँ हाँ हाँ हें हें स्वाहा

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Please share the horoscope of your love also.


Is there love marriage in my life


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  1. yashika chaudhary

    I have the same question will i be able to marry the person i love.. His parents are not getting convinced for our marriage… Please help me to get him please.. Dob- 01-feb-1992 11:40am meerut

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