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Marriage Horoscope by Name

Marriage Horoscope by Name

There are a lot of ways to predict about future. The most common is prediction by date of birth. In this post I will explain how they predict horoscope by name. Some people have nothing except their name. Some people don’t know their correct time of birth and no estimate about date of birth also. In that situation the name has a lot to interpret. Let’s know how.

Horoscope Reading by Name

Your name contains detailed prediction about your life. Let’s say you are unmarried and want to know marriage prediction by name. The first letter of your name is very much important and then your surname that is also quite important. If we write your name in order of 1 to 26 every letter of your name will have a number. There are 26 letters by serial number list. See the Chart

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26
You can see in the chart every letter has a number associated with it. Now collect all the numbers of your full name and sum all the points until you get single number. For example if your name is Anil the calculations will be…
A = 1
N = 14
I = 9
L = 12
Now sum all the points together 1 + 14 + 9 + 12 = 36 > 3 + 6 = 9
The 9 is a key number of your name. This number will be used for further calculations to predict about future. The number 9 is related to Mars. The number 9 is most compatible with 3 and 1. And the number 9 is not compatible with 5 and 8. The most unfavorable number for 9 is number 4.

Marriage Horoscope by Name

Sometimes your horoscope does not match with your life partner. There are a lot of people who have same problem. You would have seen many people have happy married life even after they ignored matchmaking issues. The reason behind this could be anything but marriage horoscope by name could also be considered. All you need the above things.
  • Get the numbers associated with your name as per above rule.
  • Get the numbers associated with your partner’s name.
  • Your Date and time of birth.
  • Your partner’s date and time of birth.
  • Determine the ruling planet both of you.
Now analyse all the above information. If the ruling planet as per date of birth or by name are the same or friendly with your ruling planets, the marriage horoscope could be interpret.

Need More Information?

The conclusion is everything is possible. What you need is having knowledge of numerology and astrology. The above rules are very basic. A book could be write in order to explain each and everything. If you still have doubts or queries you can write back to me by email or fill the form below.

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