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Prediction by date of birth

Prediction by date of birth

Accurate Prediction by Date of birth Chart (Horoscope) through the degrees of the Planet

Our solar system is comprises of 12 zodiac sign with the 30 degree of each zodiac sign. Each planet moves through the zodiac signs with its speed and all Planets have their different speed & velocity.

Moon is the fastest planet in terms of speed. Moon crosses the one zodiac sign in 2.5 days only while Sun takes 30 days to cross the one zodiac sign. Mercury takes 22 to 24 days, Venus takes 26 to 27 days and Mars cross the one zodiac sign in 45 days.

When two or more than two planets are moving through a zodiac sign at an angle of 0-10 degree then this union is considered the conjunction. It is very clear from the below table that Jupiter is at 26 degree and Sun is at 24 degree. Sun is faster than Jupiter therefore Sun will reach at 26 degree after two days while Jupiter will take some time to change its degree. It will be the conjunction on the same degree. For example present situation of the planets on dated 11.11.2013 is as follows:-

Planet Sun Moon Mars Mercury Jupiter Venus Saturn Rahu Ketu
Present Zodiac Sign Libra Aquarius Leo Libra Gemini Scorpio Libra Libra Aries
Degree 24 4 21 8 26 11 20 12 12

Jupiter and Rahu remains in one zodiac sign for the 13 months & 18 months respectively. In the conjunction one planet put the influence on the other planet involved. For example: there will be the conjunction of degree if Sun is at 15 degree and any other planet up to 15 degree. The impact & effect of the degree conjunction is similar to the impact of planetary period, sub period of the same planet. Detail of planetary position and their degree can be seen in the horoscope chart of the Native.

Conjunction is said to be the most powerful situation and it intensify the effects of the involved planet. Whether this union is to be regarded positive or negative it depends upon which planets are involved. For example: Sun, Jupiter & Venus‘s union is considered the most favorable.

When I will be married?

If you have chosen your life partner but the marriage date is not fixed then you can calculate the time of your marriage with the given principal.

When the lord of Ascendant + Sun and Jupiter will be equal on the basis of degree, your marriage may take place or there may be some important decision regarding your marriage on the day on which Sun will come on the same degree.

Which type of job I will get?

If you want to know, then you will have to check the ninth & tenth house of the horoscope birth chart. The relations between the lords of both the houses decide the kind & type of job the Native will do. Job may be Government or Private sector. If there is cordial relation between them then the Native will never have any problem regarding his/her job.

How to find the moment When I will get the job by Kundali or Horoscope Chart

If there is no relation at all or not so close relations between the lords of ninth & tenth house then the Native face the problems in the sphere of job.

Now the question arises when I will get the job? For the answer of this question we will have to check if there is any relation between the lords of ninth & tenth house (sight relation, conjunction, house inter change relation etc.) then we will have to check the degree of the related planet. When Jupiter will travel on the same degree of the lord of 9th or 10th house of horoscope at that time there will be the possibility of getting the job of the Native.

Prediction by Date of Birth

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