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Scorpio Marriage Horoscope 2017

Scorpio Marriage Horoscope 2017

Scorpions who are waiting to get married – Mars is currently positioned in their 7th house, Saturn is in another house till 21st June and Jupiter is looking at the 7th house from the 11th house.

Since the beginning of the year, Saturn was positioned at the Scorpion horoscope, but after the departure of Sagittarius, the hope for Scorpions to get married bloomed till June this year, but after June, Saturn will return to the Scorpion and any marriage related task will be delayed.

Still, for couples who are trying for a love marriage, this year, before the month September begins, your chances of getting success in love is high, so continue putting in your efforts.

After 13th September, Jupiter will enter the horoscope of Libra, which is not good for the Scorpions. So, settle all your wedding related deeds in the period between 21st of June to 13th of September, or else the results will go against you.

From the 13th of September till the year ends, there is no such alignment of planets that favours the marriage of Scorpions. It seems that even next year, there is no specific period for marriage, so the perfect time for getting married is now!

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