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There are numerous astrologers in the world. Ashok Prajapati do not prepare any prediction report before understanding your problem. Even after you get the report you can consult over phone to clear your doubts.

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Kundali Online is for those who are seeking astrology knowledge to get an idea of their future. In short, you will get here enough astrology tutorials that are based on practical life & lessons of life as per astrology.

Fear is a great thing that keeps you in the safe side but when you don’t learn from your fear the fear start chasing you & one day you lose.

Astrologer Ashok Prajapati

When your good time is running you will never like to read about astrology but the moment you are alone, nature will push you to think about your fortune.

Astrology definitely helps but you must be at the right place to take help from astrologer. But the problem is when you are already on wrong path you should not expect your success. Just remember, you cannot analyze the depth of water if you do not enter into it. So this risk you have to take that if astrologer is not right you dont have to leave the hope.

But you are not that unlucky & obviously you are at right place. Before you request for your horoscope prediction online remember these things.

  • Sometimes the destiny does not give many options but astrology always has hope.
  • If nothing gets right for you to do one thing. Don’t do your efforts & do not try, just wait for the good time.
  • If you have a lot of gems in your hands, remove them all & feel what is the difference.
  • If you are doing some mantra make sure you are correct on pronunciation.

How can I help?

Whether you are facing delay in marriage or job, you can expect a positive change in your life if you do whatever is recommended for you. When a planet is not favorable to you, there are things we can avoid to control the bad effect of that particular planet.

Suppose you are patient of diabetese, doctor will ask you to stop taking sugar. Like this if your Saturn is not good in horoscope I would ask you not to sell the waste material of metal which you should just donate.

But if you want to know your future just choose the topic below & let me analyze your horoscope with full attention of my mind.

  • Unmarried & looking for marriage prediction by date of birth.
  • Jobless? Looking for career prediction by date of birth?
  • Progeny problems?
  • Health issues?
  • Forecast of 1 year.
  • Overall planets of your 5 years & effect.

If you have your own specific questions just write an email & send to [email protected]


Whatever your problem is the astrology can help you. If you are looking for and astrology expert Ashok Prajapati is a world famous astrologer based in Ambala, India. You can consult as per your choice. You will get exactly what you are looking for because Ashok Prajapati spend enough time for a single horoscope. Services here are fully manual.
Most of our customers contact us via email & get their prediction on email itself. After the prediction they contact us again & share their experience. We have 90% happy customers. You can just google the name & know what client says about us.
Customer from Delhi

Customer from Delhi

Business Owner

"I had lost all hopes from life because I lost 20 lack Rs in share market but Ashok Prajapati gave me the reason to wait. I am following his advise from last 9 years & now I am financially comfortable."

Customer from Bangalore

Customer from Bangalore

Working in MNC

"After loosing the job I was disappointed. Ashok Prajapati is my old friend. He told me about my golden time & after two year I got the job in an MNC. Today I have everything. He gave me just single mantra which I am doing from last 4 years. Thanks Ashok I will always remember you."

Customer from NZ

Customer from NZ


"I was fed up of my married life. Every astrologer was saying this match will not work. And later I was about to take decision of divorce but the prediction by Ashok was opposite. He told me to wait for a 3 months. I have no words to explain how my married life was saved. "

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