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Second house of horoscope represents the Wealth, property & family. We may come to know from the study of second house the Native’s family status, family environment, domestic quarrel etc.

You know through the astrology we can reveal family environment of native from the lord of second house and second house.

Apart from the above, second house also tells us about your speech. It tells us that whether you are rude or soft spoken. If you speak nicely and sweet then definitely the second house or the lord of second would be under the influence of any benefic planet

You will see the Ketu placed in the second house of birth chart of the people, those speak very sweet but black inside.

Saturn and Rahu is seen placed in the second house of Rude and Insolent people.

When more than two malefic planet placed in second house the native shall speak less.

Mercury when sits in the second house makes the person either stutter or not able to speak wisely.

Second house tells us about the financial condition of the native.

The study of this house also reveals that you are stingy, miser or open hearted, extravagant.

It does not matter how much rich you are but you shall be upset & disturb for the whole life if the second house of your birth chart is either under the influence of malefic planet or the lord of the second house is weak.

If somehow Saturn is related to second place then your financial condition will never improve for the whole life.

The other people will enjoy on your wealth if lord of the second house is placed in the seventh or ninth house of the birth chart.

For the whole life you shall be under debt if lord of the second house is debilitated.

If the lord of the second house is retrograde then the native will have to face the financial up-down throughout the whole life.

We consider the death of the spouse from the Second house. When the spouse may leave this world.

More interestingly second house also tells about the possibility of second marriage. The life after the second marriage.

All the above information we may come to know through the detailed study of second house of horoscope.

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