5 Most Common Myths about Kundli— Debunked

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As interesting and informative astrology gets for everyone, there are so many myths surrounding it. Astrology is a science which helps you get an insight into your life. The popularity and faith that it has garnered all these years are unfathomable; however, it is still profoundly misunderstood. As astrology progresses towards transforming lives, the following common kundli myths question its principles and ideals. Let’s take a look. Submit Your Birth Details to Get Marriage Age Prediction by Date of Birth Free Online in the Form Below:

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Here are 5 Most Common Kundli Myths

Kundli myth #1You can count on fate if you have a good birth chart

This is the most common and the most dangerous kundli myths. Why dangerous? It’s because people believe that great astrological conjunctions would lead to success and prosperity without moving a finger. You can have several Raja Yogas in your chart and yet be a pauper. You could be having unfavorable planetary positions in your chart, there will be hurdles no doubt, but your hard work and will power can move mountains. Consider your birth chart as the foundation of everything, the rest you will have to build with your own efforts and dedication.

Kundli myth #2 Kundli can change your future

It is not only a myth, but it is a really challenging and harmful assumption that people mostly make about kundli reading and astrology. It is not right to entirely and blindly believe in astrology in changing or altering your future if someone is guaranteeing you that; it probably is a scam. Kundli aims to give your life a purpose and a direction by providing predictions that are not even remotely possible if you don’t work for it.  Remember, more than predicting or altering the future, astrology believes in karma and the right guidance. Astrologers are experts who direct you to choose the right path, whether its career or education or even an investment. They guide you to channelise your energy for your bright future. They believe your destiny is already written and nobody can change that. However, you can live your life with a rather positive outlook.

Kundli myth #3 Ascendant signs are not important

Vedic astrology gives preference to the moon sign and not too much to the sun sign considering it as a western practice. Ascendant sign or Lagna is also sometimes overlooked, and astrologers claim that they are extremely important. Your well-being, personality, nature, physical body, identity, and appearance etc. can be figured out through your ascendant sign.

Kundli myth #4 it is occult science or mystical reading

Before we debunk this myth for you, let’s enlighten you what Jyotish means, its literal meaning is the science of light. This light is of all the celestial bodies that were placed or positioned the moment you were born. This light holds in information and an imprint of all that the universe holds for you to define your purpose. This is science and not taught to you with the help of textbooks and presentations. Most Astrologers are gifted to guide and heal you, and this has nothing to do with any kind of supernatural element or mystery of life.

Kundli myth #5 it’s a plain jovial hobby

Today, astrology has become a subject of interest for almost everyone, to the extent that people are taking severe matters into their own hands. This myth is valid only for such people who think reading a bunch of astrology blogs would make them a master. There is a fine line between gaining knowledge and spreading enlightenment. Kundli reading involves a person’s personality, relations with his or her family, marital life, education, career and even death etc. There are calculations and significant risks involved and the words “pastime” and “hobby” no matter how disrespectful, can be used for astrology when an astrologer is not charging you for his or her precious predictions and remedies. Your destiny is what you make of it. Having said that, astrology helps you in guiding you and make the best of your situation and planetary position. Astrologers around the world are consulted for their positivity, therapeutic outlook, healing abilities; Kundli reading should not be brought under bad light due to such myths.

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