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Eighth house of the kundali is to some extent mysterious, you can read it but it is very difficult to predict about it. The reason is very clear, this is the house of mystery.

Eighth house is the house of death, this is the house of buried treasure or hidden treasure. This house also represents the enemies situated at the distant place. Bad debt or the loan impossible to recover also relate to this house. Eighth house of the horoscope is the interest in the study of esoteric or secret subject.

The native may become Tantrik or Aghori If the influence of Eighth house in the horoscope is too much.

It is the Eighth house which tells us the status or situations after death, what will happen to the money of Native.

The relationship status of the Native with in-laws and the status of in-laws can be seen from this house.

You are going to abroad, will you settle in the abroad or not, will you get success in abroad or you will meet with failure at abroad, the answer of all these questions lies with the Eighth house.

If you believe in rebirth then the answer is Eighth house. From the study of this house we may know about rebirth.

You would have seen the incidents in which one gets life with narrow escape and some meet with the death all of sudden, Eighth house is the responsible for this type of incidents.

When Eighth house show you above frightening things then imagine about the lord of Eighth house of the Kundali. No doubt, the lord of the eighth house bring havoc in the life of the native.

The Native may have the fear of accident during the degree or conjunction of the Eighth house. In most of the cases Eighth house is the responsible of the drowning death.

Troubles, Sufferings, Poverty, Misery and Fear are considered from the Eighth house of the Kundali of the Native.

Prolonged illness also considered from the Eighth house. The deadly, fatal disease is also the lethal gift of eighth house.

Due to all above people are afraid of eighth house of the horoscope but you will be astonished to know that the planet Sun, Moon, Mars are no longer malefic when they placed in the Eighth house of the horoscope. Some books have exaggerated the things about the Eighth house that’s why it has becomes the mysterious.

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