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In the present article i am going to  tell you  about the ninth house of the kundali. Ninth house is one of very important house in the horoscope  of the native.   This house represents the destiny, fate of the native. It is this house that you may able to  know that when & where  lady luck  is coming into your favor. Ninth house also tells you about the reasons which will you in your life.


The lord of the ninth house is called Navmesh. When you start reading your horoscope then first of all write down the details of Ninth house like the name of zodiac sign in the ninth house, the lord of the ninth house (Navmesh), the planet accompanying Navmesh if any, the planet situated in the Ninth house and Nakshatra. Which is most powerful in all these is your destiny maker. In dasha antardasha of that powerful planet you will rise. It is observed that either the planet exalted or debilitated planet dominate in the native’s life. In other words, the planet will be either extreme malefic or extreme benefic and situated in the zodiac sign of friendly planet.


Sometimes it is seen that the native gets failure at a particular time of life. The reason behind this is the planet situated in the ninth house is being seen by the malefic planet or it may be in the enemy’s zodiac sign or it may be debilitated or Ast.


The native will definitely either denied or deprived of all kind of good & religious deeds If Ninth house is not under the auspicious influence of favorable and benefic planet.

Unfortunately if any planet is situated in the ninth house of the horoscope debilitated then he will be proved ill-fated and ominous not only for himself but also for everyone come into contact with him/her. This situation will come into effect especially into the dasha antardasha of that debilitated planet.


The horoscope is the mirror of our deeds in our last birth. When malefic planet is situated in the ninth house of the horoscope and there is no influence of auspicious planet then we should understand that the Native is spending his/her good deeds of last birth in the present life. In spite of not doing anything good he remains lucky by virtue of planet. You would have also seen the sinful people flourishing. This is nothing but the results of virtue and good deeds of last birth.


In fact, it is the Ninth house which tells us, clearly indicates that how the Native will get progress and rise in life. By reading Ninth house of the Kundali carefully, we may come to know whether the Native will lead his life in good manner or bad. The study of The Ninth house of the horoscope will tell you that the Native is sinner or saint. Ninth house will tell you when and where and how luck will favor you.


The study of ninth house and lord of the ninth house tells us that whether the Native will get the success in his own country or abroad. Whether the Native will get success in Job or in Business. Religion will be more important for him or money, all this things can be crystal clear from the position of lord of the ninth house.


The Ninth house also represents the Progeny, Posterity, Son of son, Brother of wife, the income of son, the wife of brother. If you want to know about these then no doubt Ninth house will definitely help you and provide you important material related to all these.

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