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On the request of a lot of people I am going to share some tips to know accurate marriage prediction by palmistry because your hand have enough detail about when you will get married or even if you don’t have basic knowledge of palmistry. Just you need to read full article with full attention of your mind. Submit Your Birth Details to Get Marriage Age Prediction by Date of Birth Free Online in the Form Below:

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There are three main lines in your hand. Three main lines of your Hand
  • Heart Line
  • Mind Line
  • Life Line
As you can see in image the first line is heart line. Below the little finger and above the heart line there is another line which is line of marriage. Line of Marriage The distance between the heart line and the edge of little finger is the key to know when will you get married. If the line of marriage is upper side and near to the little finger edge the marriage will be late. As much as near the line of marriage is to heart line marriage will take place that much early.
  • If the distance is 50% you will get married at the age of 25.
  • If the distance is 40% you will get married between 23-24.
  • If the distance is 20% the marriage will take place before 23 and after the age of 20.
  • If the distance is 60% your marriage will take place after the age of 26 and before 28.
  • If the distance is 70% your marriage will be late after 30 of age.
  • and so on…
Not only the above rule but if you have more than 2 marriage lines one small and one big or similar your marriage will take place after a break-up or a marriage called off. The accuracy of this rule is 80% true. Many lines near marriage line about 3 or 4 or more will create obstacles in marriage. If you know your birth details learn Accurate marriage prediction by date of birth. You cannot see all of them even if you look closely. You will need a magnifier and look closely in the morning time exactly at the time you wake up. You can also take handprint and email us for analysis.

More rules of marriage prediction by marriage line

The people who are not getting married if they look around their marriage line they will see the line of marriage will not be stable or clean. The line of marriage will be surrounded by more short lines. Many more lines around marriage line mean back and forth with more and more people for marriage. We have studied palmistry of those people who get married early and those who are still waiting for marriage after the age of 35. This serious marriage delay will definitely there in your hands. Below things are helpful to predict about your marriage and your married life…
  • Clean and clear marriage line
  • Color around your marriage line.
  • The color of your marriage line.
  • The number of lines around marriage line.
  • The above rules will be accurate if in both hands you have similar marriage lines.
There are thousands of rules for your marriage prediction in palmistry. More and more study of palmistry gives the more accurate prediction of marriage but anyhow if you are not getting my point you can just contact me for your marriage prediction. In my next article, I will explain marriage prediction by numerology also because some people believe only in numerology which is the easiest way for the prediction about anything. Check out my article monthly marriage prediction by your moon sign If you like the article please do not forget to share, comment or give me a review. If you want to consult about your marriage prediction please click here. Here is the form below in case of any suggestion, criticism, curiosity and if you have any doubts or queries.

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