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For Accurate marriage prediction there are many rules in astrology. I am going to explain couple of rules to know when will you get married by simplest way with images.  I will explain marriage prediction by astrology, palmistry and by numerology. In this post let’s start by astrology when will you get married or the exact time of your marriage.

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Accurate Marriage Prediction by your Date of Birth

If you have your date of birth time and place of birth you can just explore your online horoscope by filing your data. Once you have your horoscope look for Mahadasha Chart. Under Mahadasha table you will find the sub periods of other planets. Look for the current period of ten years from 2019 to 2029. (if your marriage age is running)

The order of Mahadasha is as follows…

  • Sun
  • Moon
  • Mars
  • Rahu
  • Jupiter
  • Saturn
  • Mercury
  • Ketu
  • Venus

In the periods there are sub periods also in the same chart. Suppose if you time of Moon is running then under Moon the sub order will also there counting from Moon, Mars, Rahu and so on…

To explain more clearly here is the image marked with marriage time prediction period.

Marriage time Prediction by Mahadasha Antardash

There is 7th house in your horoscope. The planet of 7th house, The Venus and the Jupiter these periods and sub-periods will tell you the accurate marriage time prediction. If you have the basic knowledge of astrology you can use the method above.

Accurate marriage prediction by Jupiter Transit 2019-20

Jupiter stays in one zodiac sign for 13 months. By your moon sign when Jupiter comes to 2nd house, 5th house, 7th house, 9th house and 11th house. See the image below for better understanding.

Marriage Prediction by Jupiter Transit

The marriage proposals come and marriages happen in the middle of Jupiter degrees. Last Jupiter transit was in September last year and Jupiter is in Libra right now. In November 2019 the Jupiter will change its position from Scorpio to Sagittarius. This change will change the values of prediction also.

Jupiter In Scorpio for Marriage

Read in detail about Jupiter transit for your marriage

If you are not comfortable with astrology you can understand the basic palmistry rules for accurate marriage time prediction in just a few simple rules with images.

Jan 2019 – New Rule for Accurate Marriage Prediction by date of birth

As you know every month we read many horoscopes. We are working on new rules & this research continues from the last ten years. This month I am going to share with you a new rule to know the exact time of marriage by your horoscope. Yes, this rule is recently discovered.

Open your horoscope and find a planet who is situated in the very powerful position in D9 chart. This planet is a very special planet. Usually, the marriage happens in the same position as its zodiac sign when you get married. Suppose you have Venus situated in Taurus in your D9 chart. Your marriage will happen when the Venus will transit in Taurus. There are high chances of you getting engaged in this planetary change. By the way next month Jupiter will change its position but I just gave an example. Hope this will help you to determine the accurate month of marriage.

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