Career Prediction

In career prediction I cover almost all the things you are looking for. Whether you are jobless or you are working somewhere, you are well settled or struggling in career, whether you are business man or self employed this report is not only going to help you but also will tell you your weak points where you are lacking and where you can improve.

Before prediction its necessary for me to understand your requirements so when you order you can expect a thanks email from my side. You can reply and send your queries, doubts and what are you expecting from my side.

In career report I cover the following points…

All Planet Effect on your Horoscope

Overall your planets, what is good and what is not good in your horoscope as per career. The planets which are good for you and the planets are not good for you, even the stars which are neutral, their period. So you will come to know estimated 5-6 years prediction how will be your career during this time.

When you will get the job

When you will get job or if you are looking for government job I will clear your doubts. I will tell in the report when is the best time coming in future when you will have job in hand. When you will be stable in job and when you will be comfortable professional life.

Career Prediction in Near Future

In near future how are the chances to grow and when you will get promotion. If you are looking for increment in job when your salary will be increase.

Prediction of Abroad Settlement or Onsite Opportunity

If you are looking for onsite opportunity I will tell you the time frame ideal. If you are looking to settle abroad when is good time. When you will go abroad and it is for short time or long time travel.

Financial Aspects

In report I will mention how will be your professional, financial and social life and how will you manage in your dry time when there is no results even after trying again and again for job or good job.

Job or Business Prediction

What is good for you business or job and if business what kind of business is good for you. Which field is good for you in career so you can get good growth. Your career report will clear cut prediction about your future and you will be able to decide what to do. If you want to change your job this is good time for you or not. If not when is the good time to apply or change your current position.

Place Change Prediction

If you are looking for a place change when it will happen because sometimes we cannot stay in the same job same position with no luck and growth. So when the life will take new turn I will tell you in report.


I will suggest a single remedy who can change your life. In your horoscope are one or more planets responsible for your situation in your career. The bad effect of that planets gives you several career problems. I will determine the planet and will suggest you some remedy so that you can improve your situation.

For most of the people this works and they have given me very good reviews. You can check with my name online. 

Report will be in your preferred language Hindi or English.

After you get the report I give a chance to discuss your report over phone also. I assure you that the online astrologers who create career prediction online will not allow you to call over phone because they do it with completely automated systems. You can check the marriage prediction calculators are available on leading sites but 100% original & manual prediction you will get here.

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