Does Kundali tell you truly about choosing your profession whether it is a job or business?

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Kundali Reading for Profession

A major aspect of our life that defines it also is our careers. Without it, our lives have no purpose. Astrology has ways and means to identify what your career path would be. There are so many paths to choose from, and it is obvious that a person would get confused to go for one. This way, we think astrology helps a person determine his career path. Our astrologer helps you with kundali reading for the profession. Submit Your Birth Details to Get Marriage Age Prediction by Date of Birth Free Online in the Form Below:

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Career is one of the most important decisions of our lives. It is among the most asked questions to the astrologer. Everybody wishes to know how their professional life would turn out to be. If there are any hurdles, obstructions, or delays that they need to know about. Astrologers help shape the career of everyone who approaches them. It also helps them choose the right profession for themselves. Success, for many, is a stable career. Our Kundalis tells a lot about our lives. Our professional life can be predicted through our horoscopes. That being said, a lot of people are confused and hopeful to know whether a regular 9 to 5 job or a business suits them. Today most people are interested in launching their own business since it gives them a sense of ownership and freedom. However, businesses Do not favor everyone. Sometimes the launch of the business would be huge, but stability and client base are weak. Sometimes the business would only flourish during a particular season in a year. Others do not work out at all. There are a lot of risks concerning businesses and business dealings. Sometimes we think we can start a business with our old friends or close friends, but it does not work out. The same business could flourish if you are handling it alone; partnerships do not favor everyone. Therefore, people are all the more interested to know whether they are born to work with regular jobs or business? Let’s take a look at the factors that determine whether or not you are made to start your own business.

  • Every business or professional initiative is Incomplete without financing. This is represented by the second house of your birth chart. If your second house is not strong, not only would you lack finances for your business but also the courage to start the business.
  • After finance, you need the determination and the confidence to maintain and sustain the business. This can be indicated in the third house. If This house is not strong or has inauspicious conjunctions or planetary positions, you won’t have the zeal or the strength to handle the business.
  • Another factor that determines a career in business is the aspect of strong, good decision making. This aspect is only governed and indicated by the fifth house. A strong fifth house implies intellect, intelligence to face anything in life. The business also requires such minds. A strong fifth house gives you the ability to make quick and effective decisions. This also means that you have the mind of a powerful and successful businessman.
  • Last but not least, take a look at your seventh and 11th house. Your seventh house signifies your business dealings, relationship, business partners, and connections. If it is dominating, then you might have yoga for international business. If you have a strong 11th house, this means your desires will be fulfilled, and your business network will be unmatched.

All in all, if you have a strong third house and there is a strong connection between the second house, seventh house, and the 11th house, you can rest assured that you are destined to do business. The stronger these houses are, the stronger your business would get. Consult your astrologer to help you guide through the process.

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