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Epistle to a Broken Relationship

Published by Astrologer Ashok Prajapati on

“Words, Promises, Bond, Sacrifices, Desires, Dreams, Wings to Fly and the diamond ring you gave. Lived with them all for years and in the end everything had to fade.”

Heart questioned itself, why it bleeds rivers taking your name?

Partners do not have trust and often disrespect each other’s feelings. They forget to give importance and take things for granted losing the essence of a healthy relationship.

Partners often fight due to involvement of the third person in their life.

After coming into a relationship, one lets the past affect their present. They get indecisive and skeptical of their relationship.

Not listening to what your partner says creates a sense of discontent in your partner. With lack of understanding and compatibility, pushing each other to believe this is meant to be, when actually it goes all haywire.

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The next problem in relationship is lack of sharing your thoughts, ideas, emotions, fear, anxiety, strengths and weaknesses.

Pertaining to Sense of Inferiority, putting lots of restrictions causing hatred and mental torture is one of the major issue amongst couples these days. Having a relationship but without a direction or common aim is like a broken canoe sailing on a dark river.

She said,” Why did this happen to us when strength, love, passion, fire and timeless moments to cherish were the only reason I gave.”

Believing there must be fault in the stars, you give up; as there is nobody who listens or understands you but we do, astrologers are here to act as a guiding light and tell you what is right and what is not. Why ruin yourself?  When Vedic Astrology brings you an opportunity to revive the lost love and lost faith in relationship with the thrivingly successful techniques of designing your compatibility and bring back the aura and fragrance of love in your life. Simply write to me filling the details in the Contact Form, visit our website for one stop solution to all your relationship problems.

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