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It is said that the Gemstone (referred to stone hereinafter) can change your destiny, brighten your luck but there are very few people who can claim that they are feeling fortunate after using the stone. But when we practically tried & did experiment on them, we come to know something special about each and every stone. In the present article I am going to present before you some of the special features of proven gems:-

Someone is suffered from the problem of hair fall, headache or any other bones related problem then there is no stone better than Ruby.

Child is weak in study, not studying well or not doing well in the study then “Onyx” is very good thing. Get it wear in the neck of child and see the definitely positive results.

Lost the job, suffered from jaundice or problems are coming in the girl’s marriage, wear the Yellow Sapphire and check the results.

Facing the problems related to Menstruation, suffered from blood related diseases, disputes & accidents occurs again and again then it would be great to wear “Coral”.

Suffer from the problem of cold catarrh, Mother’s health deteriorated besides these you are artist and wants new ideas then there is nothing better than “Pearl”.

Facing sex related problems, lack of friends, all of sudden things become worse, unable to become familiar & intimate with women, seeking enhanced in beauty, lack of charm are advised to wear White Sapphire to get rid from all this.

For those living in the rugged wilderness Turquoise is most helpful. As soon as problem of impotency arise immediately wear Turquoise

Hessonite Garnet (सलोनी गोमेद) is solution of following problems; always in dilemma, always feeling of fear, feeling lethargy, breakup of relationship, Spouse ignore you or run away from you.

Sapphire is the most beneficial gemstone for alcohol rehabilitation.

To increase the self-confidence wear Garnet.

To overcome the problem of Anger wear Ajet instead of Pearl. For better results wear the Red Ajet garland

Tiger Stone is most useful if Heart is weak.

White Coral is proved beneficial gemstone in case of uncontrolled Sugar.

Try an Ajet once if relationship is not converting into marriage.

Wear Pearl & Emerald simultaneously for the promotion in job and growth in business.

If child is on wrong path get him wear the Opel and see the wonder.

Facing lack of funds, always find yourself without money, unable to save money then try Yellow Ajet. You will see the positive results in a few days.

Cat’s eye stone is able to protect you from witchcraft, occultism etc.

Suffering from lack of confidence, timid nature then try to wear “Brown Ajet” in copper ring you would be certainly benefited.

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