Fifth house of Horoscope

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For Love, Education, deep friends and love marriage the fifth house of horoscope must be analyzed. The fifth house of horoscope is very important. Important mainly for those who are students. This house of horoscope tells about your education level & all about your love affairs.

Love and fifth house

Long love relationship being analyzed from this house of horoscope. This house tells whether you will be successful in love or not. Whether love is good for you or bad. How will be love life how long your love life will go on. About your love marriage and love relationship, we all analyze through this house.  Fifth house tells you will have love marriage or arranged. You should love marriage or not. How many love relationship will be built up in life.

Lottery yoga in horoscope

Money from lottery being analyzed from this house. For gambling and race course etc. fifth house where the details come from. The root of all prediction about sudden money is in fifth house.

Fifth house of horoscope is entertainment media

Fifth house is of entertainment. Film industry and related fields are being analyzed with the fifth house. If this house is powerful, you can try your luck in film industry. You must try your luck if your Venus is here alone. This house make the person big star. For Popularity and fame the fifth house is being analyzed.

Kids and Life after birth of child

The fifth house is also of Luck and birth of child. Your kids how many and male, female being analyzed by this house. Life takes new turn when a baby birth happen in our family. How will be life after birth of a child in home, this house tells very clear prediction. Fifth house is counted as auspicious place in horoscope. Many planets here does not means many affairs. But favorable or benefic planets create love affairs in this house. If benefic planet is situated in this house with Rahu, the persons character may not be good. Thus this house tells about your character also.



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