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In Kundali the Lord of fourth house is called Chaturthesh. More explicitly, the lord of the zodiac sign placed in the fourth house of horoscope is called Chaturthesh. It is also called Sukhesh. Chaturthesh represents many things such as Mother, House, Vehicle, Field Farm, Property etc.

The fourth house of the horoscope tells us whether the native shall enjoy the ease, delight, pleasure, luxury and other worldly happiness or not. It is from this house we come to know and able to predict that the native will have the car, bungalow along with other luxurious things. Therefore, this house is also known as house of happiness or pleasure.

The native is leading which kind of life, whether he will have his own house or he will live in a rented house? Will he get the house from his own income? How many Vehicle he will have in his life? Will he get the Ancestors property? What will be the solution of disputed land or property of native?   The answers of all these questions lie in this house. A learned astrologer can easily tell you the answer of all these questions from the study of fourth house.

As I have mentioned in the beginning that this house represents the mother of the native also. This house tells us that whether the native will have the happiness & delight from mother or not? This house also tells us the status, mental level, age of mother. We also come to know about the father in law from the fourth house.

When this house comes under the influence of malefic planet then the native spends his life in the court and never get rid of it. The native never gets any kind of happiness if this house is under the evil influence. From my experience I am going to tell you the effect and results of different planet placed in the fourth house.

The Sun and Rahu put the native in the grim & exacerbated situation.

Mars of the fourth house keeps entangled the native in legal issues. But Venus and Moon in the fourth house bring all kind of happiness, pleasures and luxury. Saturn in the fourth house evicted the native from the property.

The native never gets any kind of happiness if this house is under the evil influence. The native spends his life for the sake of others, he arrange the things for the happiness of others.

But on the contrary, if fourth house is under the influence of benefic planet in the horoscope then he enjoy all kinds of happiness, luxury and it does not matter he is employed or unemployed, he is born in the rich family or poor family, he will definitely enjoy his life.

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