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You would have observed that when we are young, we refuse the best marriage proposal. But after some year we realize that no suitable match is available for us. In that case we run in search of astrologers. The present article would serve the people who hesitate to go to astrologers. I have tried to tell the best time in which you are going to get marriage through very simple astrological calculations & Yog.

The meaning of Gochar is present status and situation of Planet. Sun, Moon, Mars, Saturn’s location in different zodiac sign. Through Gochar only the astrologer is able to tell you the present status of your life and what is going to happen in coming days, months.

When the astrologer predicts through Gochar then it is not necessary to have the Horoscope. You have only your date of birth & you don’t know the exact time of birth. The date of birth only would serve the purpose, through date  the astrologer will be able to know your moon sign and moon sign is sufficient to predict your future. Because in the Gochar the astrologer place the moon sign in the centre and place the remaining planet in the sign of their present status and through this he predict about you. More explicitly, the astrologer prepares the horoscope chart, give the moon sign at the Ascendant and place all the planet in the houses of horoscope
as per their present status.

As per the Gochar, strong Marriage Yog occur when Jupiter comes in the third, fifth, seventh or eleventh house of the Gochar Kundali. This possible marriage Yog remains until the Jupiter changes the zodiac sign and go to next sign.

In the present time the Jupiter is in the Leo sign. For example, if your zodiac sign is Libra (7 number zodiac sign) then the Jupiter will be in the eleventh house of your Gochar Kundali. As per the present Gochar the Jupiter is in the Leo and Leo is the eleventh house from your moon sign Libra. It means You may get married at any time between the July of this year to the August of the coming year.

In the next article I will tell you as per 12 zodiac sign when you will get married.

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