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It is an old saying that Health is wealth. But if really Health is wealth then I think no one is wealthy. Everyone have some health issues. Everyone’s body structure is different from other. Even the Doctor cannot predict that when a particular person is going to be affected from diseases. But it is very interesting that astrology has relation with your health also when medical science fails then an astrologer can easily tell you that in which part of the life you may be victim of a disease, accident etc based on your health astrology. As far as astrology is concern, every planet is somehow related to any disease, illness. In other words, apart from other things every planet represents the diseases also. In the present article I will try to explain in briefly the most common diseases only. Submit Your Birth Details to Get Marriage Age Prediction by Date of Birth Free Online in the Form Below:

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Health Issues by Sun

The planet Sun being the king of the planet prevents you from all kind of diseases provided if it is in strong positions in your horoscope and free from all bad yogas (conjunctions). If planet Sun is strong you will not care the small diseases. But on the contrary if it is weak the first symptom you will see the hair fall, suffer from headache and in most cases it is seen that the Native is dependent upon the pain killer.

Health issues by Moon

The Moon is the Isht Dev of sensitive people. The Native will be very emotional in the case of weak Moon in the horoscope. He will have less tolerance power & endurance and surrender immediately before the powerful. These kinds of people are advised to stay away from the sick & not come into contact with the infected people because they will get infected immediately. The weak Moon in the horoscope results in the suffering from cold & cough. In some cases Nervous system is affected due to weak Moon in the horoscope.

Health issues by Mars

Mars represents blood so people whose Mars is weak in their horoscope suffered from blood related diseases and they also have lack of passion, spirit & energy. They do every work assign to them very slowly. You would have noticed that some people always looks slack & sluggish, they fail to do any work with enthusiasm & energy. There is the possibility of injury, damage & accident if Mars is weaker in the horoscope.

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Health issues by Mercury

The influence of Mercury makes the person smart, cunning & sly. No doubt these days this quality is good. No doubt the innocent people will have the weaker Mercury. But due to weak Mercury in the horoscope the Native may have the skin problems. The diseases related to Respiratory system, lungs problems, stammering problem, deaf & dumb all these are indications of weak Mercury in the horoscope.

Health issues by Jupiter

There is no doubt that the planet Jupiter makes the Native clever & intelligent. But when the educated peoples behave like fool then there is no doubt that the Jupiter in their horoscope is weak and ill affected. Jupiter directly influence the thinking power, the Native becomes the obtuse & dumb. Additionally weak Jupiter is also responsible for the stomach problems & Jaundice. The native may suffer from obesity in case Jupiter is affected by the malefic planet. As far as my experience is concerned whenever I came into contact with fatty, thick people I checked their horoscope and found that the Jupiter is suffered from the malefic planet.

Health issues by Venus

Venus represents the leisure, luxury etc. This planet is responsible for the opposite sex, sexual pleasure, semen, all kind of beauty and happiness. If it is inauspicious in the horoscope then all kind of entertainment comes to an end. It is Venus which is responsible for impotency or indifference towards the sex. The effect or sight of Mars on weak Venus gives the Native disease of Blood Sugar. Apart from all these weak Venus makes the body of Native unwieldy. It is weak & inauspicious Venus which gives the Native much more slender and short stature.

Health issues by Saturn

Saturn is planet of grief & sorrow. Saturn is behind the all kind of diseases which give pain & suffering to human. When Saturn affects the other planet then it gives the disease related to that planet. The sight of Saturn on the planet Sun gives headache to the Native, he never get rid of headache. Saturn’s sight on Moon gives the Native permanent cold & cough problem. Its sight on the Mars gives the Native deficiency in blood & blood pressure. Its sight on the Mercury makes the Native impotent. Due to its sight on Jupiter the Native becomes fatty. Its affect & sight on Venus weaker the reproductive system and also gives the diseases related to semen. Saturn’s sight on the Rahu gives the Native high & low blood pressure both. When Saturn affects Ketu with its sight then it give the Native mysterious & serious diseases which never diagnose. Through his whole life the Native never comes to know about his disease and he never gets relief from any medicine. The inauspicious & weaker position of Saturn in the horoscope always gives the Native incurable diseases.

Health issues by Rahu

No doubt Rahu is a mysterious planet. Therefore it gives the mysterious diseases. When Native continues suffer from diseases one after one then we should understand that it is due to ill effect of Rahu. The Native has to take medicine continue and his visit to the Doctor never comes to an end due to malefic Rahu. It is Rahu which gives the reaction from medicine and it also gives Allergy. When Doctor prescribes the medicine permanently for the whole life to someone then you should understand that it is due to Rahu. Rahu is behind the Valetudinarianism, misconception, false notion, hallucination, doubt. The heart attack due to fear, fright, and terror is due to Rahu. All of sudden Cardiac arrest, heart failure is due to Rahu.

Health issues by Ketu

Ketu is different planet so as its effect & ill effect. This planet is said to be beyond the Birth & Death. If Native is going to be suffered from Ketu in the future then it is quite sure that the illness will diagnose very lately. If it is less weak or less bad then it gives boils, eruptions. The more the Ketu inauspicious in the horoscope the more serious illness it will give to Native. Ketu is behind the non healing wound. Ketu is related to psychology. It is behind the spectral problems. Ketu is also responsible for the treatment after the fail treatment.


Astrology & Diseases is a vast subject and one book may be written on this subject after reading the horoscope. The devotee of the astrology should work on this subject. I will continue my effort but I expect my readers that if they experience anything new please share the same with me. Jai Shri Ram
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