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We make each type of free horoscope predictions based on the twelve houses of the horoscope and the 12 zodiac signs and planets in them. The birth chart is nothing else but the position of the planets in the sky at the time of our birth. In the 12 zodiac signs in the sky, the planets always wander there. We put the location of the planets and zodiac sign in the horoscope and give it the name of the horoscope.

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Love, Romance & Fifth House

Each house in the horoscope tells us something. There is one zodiac sign in every house of the horoscope and the lord of that zodiac tells us what effect it will have in our lives. In this sequence, I am going to tell you that the fifth house of the horoscope represents love or romance in our life.

Seventh House & Marriage

The Seventh House of the horoscope tells us about our marriage along with our life partner. Apart from the other things, the seventh house tells that What our life partner will do in his life, what he looks like and when will we get married to him? In short, the seventh house of the horoscope gives us information about our marriage & spouse.

The first house

The first house, which is also known as the ascendant. It represents the self of the person. When we talk about the love marriage, then the study of the first house is equally important along with the fifth house and seventh house. 

Love Marriage Prediction

On the basis of the above, we can say that if the zodiac signs located in the first house, fifth house and seventh house of the horoscope are related to each other. Their lord is making any kind of relationships such as conjunction, sight or exchange with each other in any place of the horoscope, then the marriage of the person will happen in the shape of love marriage. More explicitly, the person will choose his life partner himself.

Love Marriage & Jupiter in the birth chart of Girl

Apart from this, there are some more important things is that Jupiter is the major factor of marriage in the girl’s birth chart. Jupiter’s relationship with the seventh place and the fifth place will ensure that her marriage will be an arranged marriage or a love marriage and how her marital life will be.

Love Marriage & Venus in the birth chart of the Boy

Similarly, Venus in each man’s birth chart determines how his married life will be. Venus’s relationship with the fifth and seventh house in a man’s horoscope indicates that his marriage will be a love marriage.

Here I want to tell you very clearly that the circumstances in our life are not so simple that the lord of the fifth, seventh and first house of the horoscope will sit together, the person will get love married, and in real life, their life will be ideal & happy.

Inauspicious Yoga about Love Marriage

In this context, the worst and most critical situation arises when the lord of the fifth and seventh place of the horoscope makes a connection with each other and sits in the horoscope. However, when they come under the sight or influence of a malefic planet, then the obstacles arise in their love life. Sometimes love arises in their life, but that love does not turn in to the marriage. In many cases, love turns into the marriage but after some time this love-marriage proves to be unsuccessful. The reason for this is that the sight of bad, malefic & inauspicious planets or the influence of bad planets falls on the planets responsible for love marriage.

Prediction of Love Marriage & Effects of Sinful Planets 

So when we predict a love marriage, we check that the lord planets of the fifth, seventh and first house of horoscope are related with each other or not and if the planet lord of the ninth house is also related then it is even better. If these planets include auspicious planets like Venus and Jupiter, then the situation becomes very good. If there is no sight or relationship of any sinful or malefic planet on these planets or there is no sinful planet in the zodiac of any auspicious planet, then the person’s love marriage proves to be extremely successful.

Time of Love Marriage

Now finally, the most important question of this article arises, when love marriage will take place. Normally, the love marriage takes place during the period or sub-period of the seventh house. But many times it happens that the Mahadasha or period, sub-period of the lord planet of the seventh house is far away. In that case, the love marriage takes place during the Mahadasha, period, sub-period of the lord planets of the fifth-place or the first place or the ninth place, which is near.

Conclusion – If you are in love with someone but facing some difficulties then I would suggest you contact us along with your horoscope. We will prepare the full love marriage report and do free horoscope prediction if there are any hindrances then we will provide the solutions.

Astrologer Ashok Prajapati

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