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How this year will be for Love Marriage couples

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Through this article, I am trying to tell the people of all zodiac sign about their married life who have performed love marriage recently. According to the planetary position, how the newlywed couple would spend their time. If the planets are favourable then their time will be full of romance. If time is not favourable then I would advise to all that they should stay calm and wait for the good time. They should avoid any quick response because a quick response makes the situation worse. 


According to the planets, your married life will be very pleasant this year; it will be full of adventure & romance. The planets are also indicating that there are chances of the little guest may come to your house. More explicitly, there are chances of progeny so be prepared you are going to get a good child.


This year is full of a problem for those couples who have had a love marriage recently. I recommend that they should avoid any kind of debate among themselves, as time is not favourable. The time will full of difficulties.


Time is very pleasant for the couples who recently got love marriage, it will be a romantic time, it will be very good, will spend every moment with love. There will be love in the air for them. However, if you are dreaming of progeny then note that there are chances of progeny.


According to planets, time will be stressful for the couples of Cancer sign who have love marriage recently, so they are advised to spend time looking at the situation and avoid any kind of adverse situations. I always say that when time is not favourable then instead of taking useless and decided we should stay calm, keep quiet and wait for the right time. So you should wait for favourable circumstances. 


Leo couples who have a love marriage recently will have a great time. Their every moment will be full of romance and adventure. If they want, then they have the chance of getting favourable children too. In clear words, there are chances that a little guest may come to your house and you may become parents. So get ready and enjoy every moment. 


According to planets, time is not good at all for you. They are advised to avoid unpleasant arguments. I have experienced that when the situation is adverse then we should keep mum instead of arguments. You will earn nothing with arguments but it spoils the relationship so be calm, have patience and wait for the favourable time and it will definitely come. 


According to planets, time is average, neither very good nor bad. Your time will pass. There is no such thing that either too good or too difficult for you. It means that nothing-important incident will happen in your life. You will remain busy in your daily routine life. So enjoy this kind of life also. 


According to planets, this year will be very good for you, your time will be spent with love but there are no chances of progeny. Every moment with your partner will be full of love, romance and adventure. You should take advantage of this opportunity and make every moment remarkable with love. 


The stars are indicating that your time is not good and situations are not favourably for you. In this kind of adverse situation, you are advised to be careful, be calm and wait peacefully for the right time.


The people of Capricorn, you should well aware that your sign is going under the seven & half years of Saturn. During this time, you should spend your time in worshipping and noble deeds. You are advised to avoid any kind of hasty decision because I have experienced that trouble arises due to wrong decisions. So it would be better for you to stay calm and do mediation. 


The planets are favourable for the people of Aquarius. The stars are indicating that your time will be very good, romantic and full of adventure. You will enjoy a lot every moment and progeny yoga will also be made. It means that you may become the parents of a little child. 


The planetary position is not favourable for the people of Pisces. If you want to know when the situation will be favourable for you then answer is that the planets will be favourable after this December, till then the relationship will remain rough, so it is advisable to spend time with caution.


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