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Kundali Online Career Summary

Published by Astrologer Ashok Prajapati on

Everyone wants to make a lot of money. He wants to do something that everyone in the society respects him. Everyone wants to become self-dependent as soon as possible in his or her life. Every person has a desire either to do a good job or to get a lot of success in business.

Every person sees such types of dreams. But even after a lot of effort, not everyone’s dreams come true. When success is not found, people come under the shelter of astrology. There are many people coming to me to get information about my career. Young boys and girls, jobbers and businesspersons all type of people come to me to ask questions about careers. All these people want to know whether we will be able to achieve success in our careers in the coming time. They want to know if we can change our job or business line. Similarly, these people keep asking many types of questions about career.

To answer career-related questions and solve career-related problems & queries, I started a service called Kundali Online Career Summary” Under this service, it will be my endeavor that I can completely satisfy all kinds of curiosities related to every person’s career.


Tenth House of the Horoscope & Career

The tenth house of the Horoscope represents our deeds. This house shows what we will do in life. What path will we take to earn our livelihood?

Eleventh House of the Horoscope & Career

The eleventh house of the horoscope tells us where we will get the income. Our income will be irregular or regular. The amount of our income will be more or less. We get all this information from the study of the eleventh house.

Seventh House of the Horoscope & Career

Similarly, the seventh house of the horoscope tells us whether we will succeed or fail in business. Along with this, the study of this house tells us that if we do business in partnership then how much success or failure we will get. We get all these things from the study of the seventh house of the horoscope.

Second House of the Horoscope & Career

The second place of the horoscope tells us how much wealth we will get in life. This house tells us about the wealth we get from our family, from our parents and from heritage. Whether we will receive inherited money or not. We will get money from our efforts in our life or we will get wealth in our inheritance. We get information about these things from the study of the second house.

Higher Education and Career

I mean to say that only after a thorough study of these houses of horoscope; we come to any conclusion about career. We will be able to tell what kind of career a person will choose for a livelihood and what kind of career he will get success in. One more thing I want to clarify is that education is also necessary for a career. The second and fifth house of the horoscope tells us how higher education a man will receive in his life. Will he be able to get higher education in his life or not. This shows us in-depth study of the fifth house of the horoscope. One cannot deny that it is almost impossible to wish for a good career without education.

Inauspicious Yoga in horoscope and Career

Apart from this, some bad yogas in the horoscope such as Kaalsarp Yoga, Kemdrum Yoga create obstacles in a person’s career. If this type of yoga is present in the horoscope, then the person should make any effort, some hindrance will come in his career.


After studying all these things in-depth, I will make a detailed career report and provide it to you. After getting such detailed information, you can plan your career. After getting this report, you can decide whether you have to do a job or do business in life. If I felt that some remedy is required to pacify the inauspicious yoga, then that too will be told to you. In the end, I would say that if you are worried about your career, then you could contact me without any hesitation.

Astrologer Ashok Prajapati

I am Ashok Prajapati, an astrologer from Ambala, India. People rely on astrology for their horoscope reading. The real astrology comes from intuition not from calculation. I have a thorough knowledge of astrology in terms of life & marriage prediction. When you help someone the blessing of someone make your words true. I believe in this thing and always ready to help you.


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