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You are all familiar with the Gun Milan Matching Method based on 36 marks for marriage. There is no doubt that the Gun Milan matching method is very beneficial. But I have found in my experience that despite getting maximum marks, many times there are difficulties arises in life after marriage.

Kundali online compatibility mirror

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For this very reason, I have started the “Kundali Online Compatibility Mirror Service”. Under this service, compatibility between male & female is explored. I focus on the following main things to find out compatibility:-

  1. Ascendant in the horoscope
  2. Birth sign in horoscope
  3. Planets in fifth and seventh house of horoscope
  4. Rahu, Ketu, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn’s position in the horoscope

Ascendant in the horoscope

From the Ascendant, we get to know how the person looks, how the person’s external personality is, how he will look. Under this service, we will tell you how your partner and your spouse will look, your pair will be perfect or it will look strange. Strange means sometimes you would have noticed in your surrounding that husband is tall while wife is short. In some cases, wife is most beautiful but her husband is average. If you take this service, we will suggest you perfect match with the help of Ascendant in your horoscope.

Birth Moon Sign in the horoscope

The moon’s birth sign in the horoscope shows our inner character. Because Moon is considered our mind. How the thoughts of a person are, how is his thinking, these things we come to know from the moon birth sign in horoscope. When you submit us the horoscope of female and male, then first of all we check whether there is compatibility between the zodiac sign of both or not. I experienced many times that maximum marks in Gun Milan matching has attained, but due to lack of compatibility in the zodiac signs, there is absolutely no bond of love between the husband and wife. I mean to say that I will tell you whether there compatibility is present in zodiac sign or not.

Fifth and Seventh House of Horoscope

The fifth house of the horoscope represents love, romance in life, while the seventh house represents marriage. If both these houses are having auspicious zodiac signs and auspicious planets, then love will remains permanent in life, and marriage will be successful. We compare the compatibility of fifth and seventh house in the horoscope of both male and female. We will tell you what is the place of love and marriage in your life and how much importance you will give these things in your life.

The role of various planets in the horoscope

Rahu, Ketu, Saturn are considered sinful and separatist planets.  These planets affect the possible benefits of the house of horoscope, which we may get in our life from that house of the horoscope. For example, the presence of these planets in the fifth or seventh house will vanish the romance and may bring divorce. If your spouse’s birth chart does not have compatibility due to these planets then after marriage you may face problems in your life.

Jupiter and Venus are both highly auspicious planets. If both these planets are favorable in your and your spouse’s horoscope, then you will never have to suffer in life. Troubles and misfortune will stay away from you.


Considering all above and many more things we will suggest whether males & females are compatible with each or not. If you too are planning for marriage in near future then do not hesitate to contact us and take the benefit of this service. 

Astrologer Ashok Prajapati

I am Ashok Prajapati, an astrologer from Ambala, India. People rely on astrology for their horoscope reading. The real astrology comes from intuition not from calculation. I have a thorough knowledge of astrology in terms of life & marriage prediction. When you help someone the blessing of someone make your words true. I believe in this thing and always ready to help you.


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