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Most people ask about lady luck, especially Men’s. Recently a person from Andhra Pradesh, asked his future and I told him that your marriage will be fruitful with your wife. He confirmed by saying, Since then I have been lucky since the day I met my friend. I cannot think marry with any other lady. This lady have changed my life. So Lady Luck means how fruitful will be life after a lady comes into your life. She could be your girlfriend, wife, friend, daughter.

When a person comes to your life even for ladies also, when we have a relationship, his / her luck also affect our life. This could be good or bad anything. The other important thing is when your relationship goes long, the luck of other person added with your luck. People called this lady luck and the label become popular.

There are so many ways to determine lady luck in the horoscope. As per Indian Astrology the 7th house of horoscope, Hora, Venus, Jupiter and the planets with the lord of 7th house but most detailed study you will find in Navmansha. Navmansha is the 9th percent of full horoscope. In Vedic or Indian Astrology it is called Navmansha. Navmansha means Navam (Ninth) Ansha (Degree).

The ideal planetary positions for completeness in the life of two persons called lady luck. When you meet the same person who’s planets are ideal for your planets, your lives becomes complimentary.

This tells all about life your partner like when you will get married and to whom even what would be special in your life partner? How would be his nature or habits. The education and mental level. The career of your partner, business, promotion and source of income.

My calculation is different because I always look into the lives, not books. I learn from people not literature. According to my experience if the following things matches in two persons,

  • Venus + Venus at same degree or within 5 degrees.
  • Jupiter Nakshatras are same or lord of Nakshatra is same.
  • Your 7th house is a planet that is Ascendant or in Ascendant of other person.
  • Navmansha Horoscopes are similar.
  • Any 3 planets are same.
  • Any 3 planets are on the same Nakshatras.
  • Any 4 planets are at the same degrees (Under 5 Degrees).
  • Similar points of any 4 planets in Ashtakwarga Table.

The above are basic rules for lady luck or compatibility. Everything else could not be shared here. If you want to know who is your lady luck just fill the form below and send me using the form below.

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