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The lord of the first house of birth chart also known as Ascendant. We can come to know about the native in detail from the study of ascendant.

I am going to tell you all the information i have acquired from my own personal experience & study.

We can come to know the complexion of Native through First house.

The complexion of the Native depend entirely upon the planet related to ascendant directly or indirectly. The beauty of the Native depend upon the degree of the ascendant. The study of the ascendant reveals in detail about the nature of the native, body structure, physique, height of the native.

Ascendant also tells us that how much grow, progress in life, how much fame you are going to acquire in life.

Whether the Native shall be influential in society, type of his character etc we may collect the information from ascendant.

Which thing please you and which irritate you?

From your habits to your level of thinking all can be come to know from the study of ascendant.

How is your health? Whether you will be healthy or sick, your immune power etc can readily be ascertained from the ascendant.

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Keshab · July 29, 2015 at 9:37 am

Sir namaskar
i m – keshab kumar giri
dob- 1/12/1993
time- 11:25 pm
place- jaleswar , odisha, india
my qus- how and when i will got married and which type the girl i marry. Sir plz ans me

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