Leo marriage horoscope for 2018

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Here is Leo marriage horoscope 2018 with the best of my interpretation. If you are Leo by moon & want to ask when will you get married this post will give you clear prediction of the year 2018. Most of my predictions have deep logic but if something has left from my side you can request a free marriage prediction using the form in the end of post. Submit Your Birth Details to Get Marriage Age Prediction by Date of Birth Free Online in the Form Below:

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The Leo are action-oriented people who love to be admired. For these people, the position of planets is not showing favorable conditions for marriage as per the marriage horoscope of Leo for 2018. They might have to wait for long for the things to be in favor. In the daily lifestyle, horoscope has high impact and therefore must be considered before all the auspicious occasions to avoid problems. Some problems might be there for the ascendants of Leo but things will come in favor resulting in good news.

Leo marriage horoscope 2018 & Jupiter’s role

Planet Jupiter has great significance in marriage related decisions and is in 3rd house and looking at 7th house. Due to this, Leo people might get good news related to marriage but with certain delays.Jupiter is not beneficial while in 3rd house but it always leads to something good. As a result, your brother or sister might get married before your marriage. This is also a kind of good news and you will also enjoy several auspicious occasions in your family this year. Jupiter will transit in 4th house in October and therefore favorable time for marriage is till the mid of October only. You have to complete the important task in this duration to get success.

Leo marriage horoscope 2018 & planets this year

Jupiter is in 3rdhouse with Saturn in the 5th house. The combination of these two is leading to the situations in which you might be connected to marriage related things but have to wait for favorable results. Planet Mars is in 4th house at present and will transit on 2 March. Planet Saturn will have impact on the 7th house for the whole year but still there might be some benefit. Other small planets are also causing problems in marriage related things. Mars is having its effect on this zodiac sign and after 1 month, the effect of Sun will be there. Overall, it could be said that things could give positive result after 2 months. Planet Mars will remain in Capricorn from May to November and this will make the Leo people impulsive. Their anger might destroy the things that are in favor. Mars is a significant planet for Leo zodiac that leads to prosperity and happiness in life. It is the only source of happiness and success in life and its impact during this year will decide the luck of Leo people. For those who are in love relations, Saturn will bring favorable results this year as per marriage horoscope of Leo in 2018. They might get good news in the love relations and can get success in the relation if they make efforts for someone they like. Saturn is in favor and therefore Leo people will make everyone happy. They should observe fast on Saturday as an initiation in this respect. No obstruction is there from Rahu and Ketu in the auspicious matters. However, they might lead to sudden expenses. This is also an indication that some important task might get accomplished that will require Leo people to expend money. If these things are kept in mind then they will get favorable results and good news in marriage related decisions. Here is the form you can use if you want to know your free marriage prediction by email.

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