Libra Marriage Horoscope for 2018

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The ascendants of Libra zodiac sign are highly balanced in nature and they are well aware of the art of life. As per the marriage horoscope of Libra for 2018, the planetary transitions are making favorable conditions for marriage at present. We are here with the details of how planetary transitions are going to impact the life of Libra people. Submit Your Birth Details to Get Marriage Age Prediction by Date of Birth Free Online in the Form Below:

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Current Planets  for Libra in 2018

Planet Jupiter is residing in the house of ascendant and Rahu is in the 10th house. Planet Saturn is in the 3rd house that brings success for the person. Sun, Mercury and Ketu are residing in the 4th house. There is fun and happiness in life due to the position of Venus in the 5th house. Saturn in the 3rd house is gaining support for the Libra people from others and it is also leading the love relations towards success. Certain things might get delayed due to the 7thvision of Saturn while its 10thvision might lead to unnecessary expenses.

Jupiter and marriage horoscope for Libra in 2018

Planet Jupiter has high significance for marriage decision and it is lying in the house of ascendant of this zodiac. Love relations are getting better due to 5thvision of Jupiter and 7th vision of Jupiter is making the conditions favorable for marriage. The luck factors that were absent till now are approaching in life due to the 9th vision of Jupiter. Overall, Jupiter is leading to favorable results for Libra people. If they are planning for marriage then this might take place.

Mars and marriage horoscope for Libra in 2018:

Mars is the planet that will lead to hindrances all through this year for the Libra people. From May to November, it will create several problems. However, things will be in favor at the end. In case you are all prepared for marriage and just waiting for the auspicious time then it is advisable to do marriage before May. This will help in problem free completion of the marriage. Also, those who have less expectations about marriage might also start a relation. But all this is possible only till May. While Mars will transit in Capricorn, there might be certain things leading to delay in marriage. Also, there might be something that is obstructed due to which either the relatives of boy or girl will try to delay the marriage. Such type of condition will come after May but it will be there. The 7th vision of Mars is auspicious but its position in 4th house might bring instability in career and financial condition. Libra people must take care as small accident might take place. Ladies should take care while in kitchen and avoid burns. These situations might arise since Mars is there with Ketu. Still, nothing is to worry as Mars of Capricorn is auspicious and Jupiter in the house of Libra will also save the Libra people.

Those who are waiting for Marriage:

For singles who are waiting for marriage, it is advisable to wait till May as no hindrance is there in love marriage after May. All these things are not just till Jupiter is in Libra. When it will enter in Scorpio in October, then also, there will be auspicious conditions at home. Overall, favorable time is there for marriage for Libra people in this year.

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