Marriage Dates in February 2018

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Marriage is considered a sacred bond in Hindu society. Our ancestors have evolved methods in astrology to find auspicious dates for it. These dates are those in which natural forces come in a position and become suitable for BRIDE and BRIDEGROOM’S long and successful bondage, mainly for marriage.

In 2018, January has no suitable date due to combustion of Venus, the most important planet for happiness in life. As we know this benefic planet is significator (कारक) of wife for boys and its strength is necessary, both in birth chart and at the time of marriage. Venus also signifies luxury and sexual matters, so its combustion during marriage will lead to lack of all these things in life of both married partners. Hence this condition of Venus is not desirable for auspicious works.

Marriage Dates in February 2018

Month of February will bring joy to couples who want to marry in this month. This month has 14 general dates (subject to modification) for this sacred ceremony, as Venus rises on third of February.

Strength of Jupiter, Sun and Moon is of prime importance while deciding auspicious date. During combustion of Jupiter marriage is prohibited as this most benefic planet is significator of husband for girls and its strength is very necessary for married life, but in February this does not apply.

Moon resembles our mind and is the seed of chart CHANDRAMA MANSO JATAH. Its strength should be there at the time of marriage. As we know Sun is the life giver and provides energy for living beings so its position is also important.

General dates for marriage in February are 6, 7, 9, 10, 11, 12, 18, 19, 20, 23, 24, 28 (Consult a good astrologer for specific dates as due consideration should be paid to position of ascendant lord and other details).

Marriage dates for girls natives in February (Jupiter in LIBRA), for each sign in 2018
• For sign ARIES, Jupiter is in seventh house hence beneficial.
• For TAURUS, Jupiter is in sixth house so marriage is preferable after performing remedies.
• For GEMINI, Jupiter in fifth house gives auspicious marriage.
• For CANCER marriage in February is not good.
• For LEO, marriage can be done after donations.
• For VIRGO, Jupiter is in second house so beneficial.
• For LIBRA, Jupiter remains in first house, thus give neutral results.
• For SCORPIO, Jupiter is in twelfth house, hence not good.
• For SAGITTARIUS, Jupiter is in eleventh house, then auspicious.
• For CAPRICORN, Jupiter is in tenth house leading to good marital life after performing remedies.
• For AQUARIUS, Jupiter is in ninth house, so marriage is preferable.
• For PISCES, Jupiter is in eighth house giving bad results..

Marriage Dates for Boys in Feb 2018
SUN is in CAPRICORN sign, so marriage result for different signs is as follows-

  • For ARIES, Sun in tenth house hence auspicious.
  • For TAURUS, Sun in ninth house hence remedial measures should be adopted before marriage.
  • For GEMINI, Sun in eighth house hence bad results will follow.
  • For CANCER, neutral results.
  • For LEO, good marital life as Sun is in sixth house.
  • For VIRGO, Sun is in fifth house so donations should be done before marriage.
  • For LIBRA, Sun will give bad results.
  • For SCORPIO, good results will follow as Sun is in third house.
  • For SAGITTARIUS, remedial measures should be adopted before marriage.
  • For CAPRICORN natives, donations are necessary before marriage.
  • For AQUARIUS, Sun is in twelfth house hence bad results will follow.
  • For PISCES, Sun is in eleventh house so marriage in February will be good.

If Jupiter resides in first, fourth, fifth, ninth, tenth then it remove ill effects. So this is how we can find about marriage dates in 2018 for girls and boys.

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So conclusion is Hindu astrology has reliable and perfect method to ascertain auspicious dates of marriage for each and every individual so that institution of marriage always flourishes. (Regional and Panchanga differences can lead to different dates).

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