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See how Astrology & married life works

Lots of question are being asked regarding prolonged delay in marriages. I will let you know in this article that how astrology & married life works Though its not possible to answer all the queries. There are few reasons for it

Marriage delay For Girls:

Parents who feel that there is a delay in the marriage of their daughter should show her to the astrologer. But before showing it you can do some remedies for it. Planet for Husband in  girl’s is Jupiter. It is examined if Jupiter is in the axis of rahu ketu, or if it is sitting with shani then its effects can delay in marriages. Manglik Yog is something which everybody is aware of. But Astrology has remedies for any situation, whatever the reason is by doing these remedies marriage yog becomes fruitful. Some important remedies are given below

If you wear Yellow Sapphire Marriage yog becomes within 1 month. But it should be high quality and flawless. You should test it before wearing by keeping it under your pillow. If the dreams are good then it will surely benefit you. Immediately return this gem In case of bad dreams.

If yellow sapphire doesn’t solve your problem then take a lemon divide it into four pieces and scatter them on chowk into all four directions and don’t look back.If Yellow Sapphire is not possible to wear then Adorn Gauri shankar Rudraksha Mala/Garland on Monday Marriage yog also happens by keeping fast on Thursday & worship Banana tree.

Chant this 19 thousand times “Aum Gran Grin Gron sah guruve namah” to get a handsome, educated & suitable groom.

Worship of Goddess Parvati also makes marriage yog.
The master of seventh house also affects married life as it is reserved for spouse. Shukra in men’s kundli & Jupiter/Guru in women kundli are doers of husband & wife. Reasons for delay in marriages can be determine by the position of these three.

Obstruction in marriage indicates presence of bad planets in 7th house like Mars, Sun, Shani(Saturn), Rau & Ketu . Auspicious planets in this house bring marriage proposals and fix marriage dates.

We should consider the master of residing rashi means where saptamesh is sitting if nobody is there in 7th house or no one is affecting 7th house, with whom is it  sitting, is it in wretched rashi, in high rashi or in swarashi. Sitting with bad planets brings obstacles in marriage life. If shukra is in wretched rashi in men’s kundli is virgo then marriage life does not go smoothly. There is unhappy married life If shukra is in 3rd, 6th or 10th place.

For Aries, Cancer, Virgo & Scorpio rashi Shukra does not bring good results because it dawns when it meets with Sun. Shukra should be in auspicious place to have happy married life. Similar in woman’s kundli Shukra is the doer of husband. That is fatal to life if Guru is in Taurus, Gemini, Virgo, Libra or Capricorn rashi. Being with Sun also makes jupiter set down.

There is possibility of delay in marriage if Shani is in Saptam  .Weakness of the Shani in this situation depends on the delay, the more weak is shani, the more delay will be there marriage. Mangal’s presence in 1st, 4th, 7th, 8th & 12th house makes Manglik Yog which also delay marriage.

Marriage delay for Men
In companion ship of women does not exists in the fate of some men as a result of which no women gets attracted towards them. Attraction Mantras comes handy & works magically in this type of situation. Though men have less obstacle than women but  some problems are created by Manglik Yog, Sun’s position in Saptam, Shukra’s unfavourable position or saptmesh’s presence in wretched rahsi

Astrologer can be consulted in this regard. Some handy remedies are provided here.

Feeding of green fodder to white cow on Friday.

Take a Jalebi and throw this in to the river reroute whenever you go to see a girl.

Donate a locked steel lock in Temple. Your fate will open when this is opened by somebody.

Do not spray perfume daily, or wear filthy clothes, Do not take anything from anyone for free and make offerings to goddess Santoshi Maa with Barfi Prasad every Friday.  By doing these things your Shukra

will become strong.

Chant the following mantra daily

Patni manorama dehi, manovritta nusarinim !

Taarinim durg sansaarasya kulodbhwam!!”

Take a coconut and cut it and fill it with panjeeri made of desi ghee, make a hole in ground and place it in the place where it can be reached by ants and you will notice in few weeks that your obstacles related to marriage will vanished. I hope you have clear about how astrology helps in married life and what should you do to save your relationships.

jai shree Ram !


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