Cancer Marriage Horoscope 2018

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In this post I am going to explain Cancer Marriage horoscope 2018 by your moon sign. if you are Cancer moon sign you might get stuck for marriage this year. Here is your full marriage prediction of 2018 for Cancer Moon sign. For the ascendants of Cancer, relationships hold high importance and they take the relations seriously. When it comes to the marriage horoscope of cancer for 2018, things are looking to be quite complicated for them. This is due to the position of different planets that has impact on the lives of people of this zodiac sign. When things are not in favor, one need to have patience to make the situation better and the same is true for marriage related decisions for ascendants of this sign. Submit Your Birth Details to Get Marriage Age Prediction by Date of Birth Free Online in the Form Below:

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Cancer marriage horoscope 2018 current planets

For Cancer moon sign, Rahu is there in the asceandant. The most significant planet in terms of marriage i.e. Jupiter is in 4th house that is not good for marriage. The position of Ketu is in 7th house and Saturn is following it from 6th house. The position of Mars at present is in 5th house and the 7th house is occupied by Ketu, Mercury and Sun. The positions of all these planets is having negative impact for the Cancer zodiac and they might have several issue related to marriage. The present time is not favorable in terms of marriage as no planet is showing positive impact. Situation is complex for marriage related decisions and therefore the ascendants must deal the things with patience. Cancer Marriage Horoscope 2018 Planets

Jupiter and Marriage Horoscope for Cancer in 2018

Planet Jupiter is highly important for marriage related decisions but it does not favor marriage while in 4th house. However, expenses are possible for other good tasks. You are not worried about yourself. Till October of this year, Jupiter is not in favor of your marriage. Know when will you get marriage by your horoscope.

Cancer Marriage Horoscope 2018 & Venus

When it comes to planet Venus, it is not sufficient for such a big decision alone. However, if it is in a transition state then there are chances that the might get fixed within 2 months. Otherwise the things are complex and marriage related decisions might suffer problems.

Cancer Marriage Horoscope 2018 & Saturn in 6th house

Position of Saturn is in the eleventh fragment of Sagittarius and it affects the next zodiac sign with the 30 fragments where Ketu is present. This is the 7th house that is at a distance of 20 fragments from Saturn. The position of Saturn near 7th house is also causing problems as it creates delays. This is another reason of problem in marriage. Learn Accurate Marriage Prediction Rules

Love marriage for Cancer in 2018

For the singles who are in a love affair, there are chances of marriage in a secretive manner. However, things will not be reveled and instead they will face more complications. Therefore if you are planning for love marriage then it would be better to wait for at a month or two. When sun will transit in 7th house, the problems in love marriage will be solved but favorable time will come after October. This will be the time when Jupiter will be 5th house which favors love relations. No support is there for love marriage from Rahu and Ketu. Mars will create problems in auspicious matters and will lead to anger and frustration that further affect the relations with family members. Your most compatible zodiac sign is Capricorn this year so here is Capricorn marriage horoscope 2018 for your information. This year Capricorn might come into your life.
End of year 2018 & Marriage Horoscope for Cancer
Only after the transition of Jupiter in Scorpio, there is some hope of marriage but the effect of Rahu and Ketu could not be neglected. Overall, for the ascendants of Cancer, this year might not be favorable in terms of marriage.

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