Marriage yog for Leo in 2016-17

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Leo you are going to be fortunate this year as the native of Leo who are waiting for marriage may get married in the last of year 2015. There is auspicious yoga of marriage at the end of 2015. For the young & unmarried Leo there is good time for marriage. As you know this prediction is based on the Gochar astrology.

As per Gochar the Jupiter is in the horoscope first house of the native of Leo and this Jupiter’s sight is on the seventh house of the Gochar horoscope. Seventh house represents the marriage in the astrology. Apart from other things this seventh house of the Gochar horoscope is free from all evil, malicious, malefic influence of other planets. So the native may lead on the path of marriage without any hesitation.

The native of Leo who are in the love relationship and want to get married may go ahead for marriage as the time period prior to 10 January 2016 is very good and auspicious for them. After 10 January 2016 the Planet the first house and seventh house of the Gochar horoscope will come into the influence of Rahu & Ketu respectively. This situation will create the hindrances & obstacles in path of all type of matters of the native of Leo.

Astrologer Ashok Prajapati

I am Ashok Prajapati, an astrologer from Ambala, India. People rely on astrology for their horoscope reading. The real astrology comes from intuition not from calculation. I have a thorough knowledge of astrology in terms of life & marriage prediction. When you help someone the blessing of someone make your words true. I believe in this thing and always ready to help you.

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Seema_91 · February 7, 2016 at 6:42 am

When is the possibility of me getting married? Would it be a love marriage or arranged? please help me…i’m confused.

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