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Marriage yog for Virgo in 2016-17

Marriage yog for Virgo in 2016-17

Virgo those who are young & waiting for marriage will be disappointed this year as the predictions based on the Gochar astrology indicating that they will not get married this year.

The seventh house of the horoscope represents the marriage is occupied by Planet Ketu. The Ketu will remain in the seventh house till 10 January 2016 and this Ketu will distort all the work especially pertaining to marriage. But the native of Virgo who are in Love relationship and want to get married they may go ahead as there are no obstacles for them.

One important thing for them, they will have to work hard, without hardships they are not going to get success.

After 10 January the evil effect and influence of Rahu Ketu on the marriage house will go away but Jupiter will remain under the influence of Rahu and the matter pertaining to marriage may halt for some time.

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