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Does your partner love you?

Most of the people believe that they know each & everything about their life partner, what he/she likes, dislikes etc. and in return they expect the trust & faith from their soul mate. This trust & faith in each other is the foundation of the true love and also it makes the love stronger. You would have observed that the deep faith & trust in the partner gives the love a longer life and bind your partner in the love knot.

It is essential for everyone to have faith in each other but always take care that their faith must not be blind faith. Everyone should always keep in their mind that faith is the power of soul mate and possibility of misuse of faith always remains there. If you have full faith in your soul mate then it is ok but if you are being betrayed by your partner then the present article is written especially for you.

Love Marriage Yoga in your Partner’s Horoscope as well?

The planet Rahu is the symbol of your inner side thief. You shall be less reliable the much Rahu affect your ascendant or your zodiac sign. You shall not be faithful as per astrological point of view.

You can come to know the mentality of your soul mate through the horoscope. If the horoscope is correct then you will get the exact result. A few days ago one of my client from California, USA has asked me about her future because she wanted to know her life with her partner in the coming years as she was little worried about her future.

Both were agreed for the marriage and my client wanted to settle in the abroad after the marriage and her partner was also agree with her at that moment. There was nothing negative but I advised her not to take any marriage related decision hasty. I told her that as per the astrological calculation & horoscope reading your partner don’t have the passion & ecstasy which you are showing for the love marriage. I said this person shall not marry with you. My prediction was very accurate she could not succeed in marriage with him even till date discussion round for marriage are going on but every time some hindrances come in their way.

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Mars & Love Marriage Yoga

The planet Mars is the symbol of zeal, enthusiasm, dedication & surrender. This zeal, enthusiasm, dedication & surrender decrease when Mars sits together with Rahu or Saturn in the horoscope and person becomes confuse. This confuse person always finds himself depend on others for taking even small decisions. This type of person will never take any small or big decisions in the matter of love. Because when you are in love then you should have strong dedication & sense of responsibility towards your partner.

Apart from the other things in the horoscope, if any malefic planet is in the fifth house of horoscope then there is strong possibility that your enemy will provoke your life partner or future life partner against you consequently you will not take the decision of love marriage. The everything in this article is based on my personal experiences.

Astrologer Ashok Prajapati

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