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As per the Indian Astrology Mars represents the blood. It is Mars which gives enthusiasm, excitement & zeal in the life & also makes us competent enough to fight with diseases. In palmistry also the Mars line in our hand represents the energy, power & life. Mars is considered very important in the health context. Your health will fully depend upon the Mars. The native has to face the health problems if Mars is weak in the horoscope. In the present article I have tried to tell you some diseases due to weak & inauspicious Mars in the Horoscope and these are based on my personal experiences.

If Mars is debilitated or inauspicious
As I have mentioned above that the Mars represents blood so there is no doubt that the Native will have blood related diseases if it is not favorable in the horoscope. When Mars affects the Ascendant or the lord of ascendant the Native will have blood deficiencies & blood disorder.

Next, Mars gives the diseases or disorder related to eyes and stomach when either it affects second or fifth house of the horoscope or it is not favorable in the second or fifth house.

The inauspicious or debilitated Mars of third house gives the injury on the right or left part of the body of native and in some cases it is seen that it becomes responsible for the blockage in nerves.

The injury or scar mark on the hand or arm is a very clear indication that the inauspicious Mars has affected the third, eleventh house of the native.

The Mars in 4th house & diseases

It is seen that the Mars of the fourth house does not affects the native but his parents or wife face the fury of Mars. The Mars in the fourth house also creates the Manglik Yog which affects the life partner.

The Mars in 8th house and diseases
The Mars of eighth house gives the serious stomach problem. Besides this, the injury in an accident, weakness due to surgery, surgery, operation are the outcome of inauspicious Mars of eights house. The eighth Mars also makes the Native the patient of sleeplessness. The pressure on the one side of head, Migraine, restlessness is due to inauspicious Mars of twelfth house.

Mars & Accident, Surgery, Injury
In some circumstances, Mars indicates the injury or accident. When there is relation between Mars and Rahu in the fourth, eighth or twelfth house then the Native faces an injury or damage whose affect lasts for a long time.

Mars with Rahu Ketu or Saturn & Diseases
The relation between Mars & Rahu in the fourth house gives the injury on the full body, in the eighth house the injury on the chest or stomach & in the twelfth house the injury on the head. But the conjunction of Mars & Saturn in the sixth, eighth, twelfth house does not give any injury or damage but it bestows the native the prolonged illness.

The native faces the serious accident on his leg from thigh to foot due to the conjunction of Mars & Saturn in the twelfth house. If Sun also relates to this conjunction then iron rod implants in his body due to injury or accident.

If Mars affects the Venus in the horoscope then the Native becomes the patient of Sugar.

If Mars affects the Jupiter in the horoscope then the Native suffer from obesity.

The Native becomes the patient of Mental illness such as Madness, Fit, and Nervous system problem if Mars affects the Moon.

Mars affected by Rahu & diseases
The effect of Mars on the Rahu gives the Native the disease of High blood pressure. There is no maximum limit in giving the diseases by Mars on the contrary its minimum effect makes the Native loosely & tired. Mars’s minimum effects make the native idle, lazy and will do his work slowly.

Solution for bad Mars effect
If you think you are suffer from Mars from any aspects then Mars Mantra will be very effective & useful for you. The Mars Mantra is

ॐ क्रां क्रीं क्रों स: भौमाय नमः (om kran krin kron sah bhomayah namh)

For the full benefit you are advised to chant this mantra all the time during the day. Before sleep try to chant this mantra as long as you can. After few months you will feel the healing power of this mantra. If you are suffer from any disease you will see that the medicine has started to work and you will feel healthy.

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