Mercury Transit Prediction Jan 2018

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Today mercury is about to change its position from Scorpio to Sagittarius this evening. This transit will be beneficial for Sagittarius and Gemini if you are looking to get married or if have any relationship consideration that is about to take new to materialized. Let’s know for all zodiac signs how will be mercury transit.

Mercury Transit Prediction for Aries

Transit of Mercury in Sagittarius is very good for you. Your fortune will shine and luck will be on your side in anything you do. Mercury will stay in Sagittarius till 28 January 2018 so make sure to do all your efforts till this time.

Mercury Transit Prediction for Taurus

Transit of Mercury in Sagittarius is good for you, especially for the money-matters. Your financial status will see much improvement. You may find unexpected sources of money. Overall, this is an excellent time to reap financial rewards of your horoscope.

Mercury Transit Prediction for Gemini

Transit of Mercury in Sagittarius will help in development of your personality. Your will develop a charming personality, which will act as a crowd-puller. People would be attracted towards you. You professional front will be full of activities and you work load may increase. Your professional life would go well and you will have financial gains. This is a lucky time for new proposals and new relationships for you. New people might enter your love life. You need to be a little cautious with your health as chances of skin related issues are there.

Mercury Transit Prediction for Cancer

Transit of Mercury in Sagittarius brings you loads of luck. Hidden promises of your horoscope might see the light of day. This is a very good time for financial gains, money-related opportunities and overall prosperity.

Mercury Transit Prediction for Leo

With the transit of Mercury in Sagittarius, you love life will aim for the moon. This is a very good time for your love life. If you have a partner, mutual love and trust would increase. If you do not have a partner, you will indulge in a short term love relationship. This transit promises you lot of entertainment, adventures and fun. You need to remember that relationships made during this period might not be long term.

Mercury Transit Prediction for Virgo

As Mercury transits in Sagittarius, lot of happy moments and excitement wait for you. The delayed and obstructed works will be fulfilled. This is an auspicious time for your professional life and job related matters. There are high chances of some auspicious works being done in your house in this period.

Mercury Transit Prediction for Libra

The transit of Mercury in Sagittarius is not very good for you. You may have to stay away from your friends, family and relatives. You may feel homesick and miss your loved ones. Chances of tours and travels are very high in this period. You may develop new friendships and relationships which will be adventurous but not likely to stay for long.

Mercury Transit Prediction for Scorpio

Transit of Mercury to Sagittarius will give you immense financial benefits and gains. If you are away from your family, you would be drawn close to them. Guests will keep coming to your house. Old friendships and relationships may revive in a new way.

Mercury Transit Prediction for Sagittarius

This is a very lucky period for you to develop a new personality. Your personality will have immense magnetism. Your workload will increase and you will be praised in workplace. You will feel good and positive in this period. This is an excellent time for you to develop new relationships. You would indulge in your relationships with more passion and warmth.

Mercury Transit Prediction for Capricorn

The transit of Mercury to Sagittarius would be a bottle-neck for you. This is a time of increasing expenditures. The slow pace of your financial affairs will rule this period and you might feel suffocated with money matters.

Mercury Transit Prediction for Aquarius

You are likely to receive money from some source. This transit promises very real possibility of foreign travel. If you have been making efforts to travel to a foreign land, the waiting period is finally over. Your foreign visit is almost round the corner and with little efforts you would cross the boundaries.

Mercury Transit Prediction for Pisces

The transit of Mercury to Sagittarius is good for your job and professional life. Your bosses, seniors and colleagues will give you support and there are high chances of a promotion. You can also gain a new job during this period. Pleasant and auspicious activities will happen in your house.


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