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An old saying goes on “Health is wealth”. No one can deny this fact even the Hermit needs this wealth. As per the Vedic astrology Moon & Sun are the source of life in the human being. Moon makes the person either physically strong or weak. Moon is responsible for self-confidence. This planet makes the Native full of self confidence if it is strong in the Horoscope on the contrary Native will have lack of self-confidence if it is weak in the birth chart. Let us talk about the diseases, physical abilities & disabilities due to Moon’s affect.

Moon is considered as the mind of human. Moon should be good in the horoscope though it is not in our hand. Weak or malefic moon makes the Native emotionless, Knucklehead & idiot.

Now the question arises when Moon becomes weak? Moon becomes weak and unable to give any positive results If sat in the 6, 8, 12 house of the horoscope. No doubt the Native will suffer from Common cold, Flu & Cough. As the Native grow older these diseases gradually serious. These diseases also affect the thinking ability.

If the above said 6, 8, 12 houses are affected by malefic planets such as Sun, Mars, Rahu, Ketu & Saturn the Native may be short lived. More explicitly, the Native will die at an early age.

Due to weak Moon, the person looks very weak, always fall sick with the change of season, health loss in spite of full diet. All these are the symptom of weak moon. In the worst condition the Native may be the victim of Typhoid, suffer from fever repeatedly and finally blood changes into water.

If you see any person weak do understand that the weak moon is behind.

Now I introduce you with some of the diseases which are the outcome of weak Moon affected by the malefic planets.

Moon with Rahu
Moon affected by Rahu gives the Typhoid, Unconsciousness and diseases related to nervous system.

Moon affected by Sun
Moon affected by Sun makes the person very thin and person suffers from the diseases related to eyes.

Moon affected by Mars
Moon affected by Mars gives the Low blood pressure, High blood pressure and in the worst condition there is possibility of Psychic problems and also affects the native’s ability to fight with diseases.

Moon affected by Rahu Ketu
It is observe that Ketu causes the highest damage to Moon. Native’s Disease does not diagnose. In some cases the person affect by the paranormal things. No disease comes out in any diagnose test.

Moon affected by Saturn
Due to Saturn’s effect on the Moon, the Native mostly suffer from the Mental problems, psychic problems. He may suffer from heart problems at very early age. He may also suffer from stone problem, memory loss, madness, Epilepsy etc. Some Native lost the sight of one eye. In some cases the native becomes the victim of depression. In the worst condition, Native becomes the heavy drunker & drug addict and he never come out of this condition.

Solutions for Weak Moon
The Vedic astrology provides the remedy of all kind of problems related to malefic planet. If you feel you are suffering due to bad Moon then there is Moon related Mantra. You continue chant the below given Moon Mantra. Whenever you find the time try to chant this Mantra. You will feel a difference after the continue chanting of this Mantra for few day. I think this is the cheapest remedy and anyone can do this. Anyway you feel problem in chanting this Mantra or you want to learn the right pronunciation of this Mantra feel free to contact me on phone.

ॐ एं क्लीं सोमाय नमः   Om ain klim somaye nama

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