Life Prediction

No one is astrologer in the world until he devote full life in the field of astrology. Life prediction will mean a summary of what the 12 houses of horoscope meant to be as per your date of birth. Being an student of astrology I am thankful for God who has given me the knowledge to explain the horoscope. If someone hires me for life prediction report it would definitely cost me half of my day. I will try to cover almost all about 12 houses interpretation in the life prediction report. Let’s start from 1st house.

Ascendant and You

It is very important for any person to know about himself perhaps that is why God has divided us into some categories through the medium of astrology and this categorization exists in the universe in the form of planets and constellation of stars.

It is, therefore, necessary to know how you are, how your nature is, what your drawbacks are, and what your qualities are, having known all this you will be able to recall your qualities and it will give you an opportunity to bridle (control) your shortcomings.

Your aim, mission, and your strategy
The future is not in your hands but reflecting (thinking) about it is under your control, according to the planetary positions every person has some missions, which he is supposed to have. If you come to know about future at the present time, you can speed up that mission accordingly. And if something good is going to happen, you can carry out that work with double enthusiasm.

Horoscope 2nd house and Your family

What is your condition in family life? What is going to happen to your family in the near future? Is there something that is unanticipated (unexpected) or there is something that can give you delight (happiness), the description of all these things is in your horoscope.

Because if you are unworried (happy) from the family, your focus (attention) will be more on work and less on the family and if there is anything to worry, you definitely need to pay attention to the family. Whatever it is, it is necessary for you to know because the family is our strength of mind and spirit.

2nd House & your Finance in next 10 years

Although every person should think carefully before spending money, if you know that some trouble might come in future and there is need to avoid the wastage of money, then you may save yourself from the trouble. On the contrary, if something good is going to happen, then the risks can be taken, that is expected to be beneficial, or else a person wastes the opportunity and fruitful time in thinking. Therefore you must have a detailed account for the coming 5-10 years of your life.

Health Prediction
Needless to say, how important is health, whether you are fit or not, you will not like to fall ill but if there is such a possibility, it can be prevented on time. How will your health stay in the coming years? Have you ever pondered about this?

3rd house and your potential and aid (help) from the fortune

Some people get everything easily, but some people have to help themselves and if you think that people help you, support you, your scope of success gets increased and if they do not help you and you do your work yourself then what is wrong in that?

No one knows when who will help and who will deceive, but you certainly will know.

4th house and Opportunities and happiness

In your definition of happiness, the joy of family, getting employed or acquiring increment, the birth of a child, getting married, some auspicious ceremony at home, construction of a house or buying a vehicle. If you have any of these happiness, will you not want to know when will it happen?

5th house & Observations, Education, Foresight

Are you walking on the right path? Are you doing what is right, is your future expecting something from you, is there any need to make a change? Are you learning something or have you stopped learning, are you waiting for someone? When will the confusion of your mind stop? Because, friends, a person can neither do nor he is supposed to do anything in a state of confusion.
If you find out how far the loop (turn) in life is, you will slow down your speed and will be alerted at the turning point of life.

6th house & Strength of the enemy, opponents, competitors

There is no such person in this world that has no enemy, if someone says so, then he does not know because the competitor is also an enemy and everyone else besides you can become your enemy, If bad times come upon you, God forbid, but if it comes then you must definitely know it in advance. We should be aware when our time is crucial (testing) because at such a critical time the enemy wakes up.

7th House & the search for the life partner

Sometimes we spend a part of our life waiting for somebody; some people leave their jobs due marriage, while some people forget about marriage because of the job, but this turning point in life is so important that the person’s whole life changes, there are many advantages of early marriage, but many harms if marriage happens late.
Everyone is concerned about this matter that how will be the married life, how will the relationship with the spouse be? Details of these things are found in the ascendant and navmansh of the horoscope.

8th House & Misshaping

It is forbidden in astrology to tell how long a person will live but it is not wrong to warn a person about the danger. If there is such a threat to life in the near future then you should know about it. At least one hint can be given.

9th House & the Favor of fortune

It is attained by people who are fortunate enough to have been lucky, but the problem with some people is that fortune cheats them at the peak of success.
On this subject is it important to know what does the ninth house of the horoscope is indicating, which planet is benefit in the ninth house, which planet is spoiling the ninth house, is very important to know because decisions can be taken that are completely based on fate.

10th House the Epitome (summary) of actions

One destiny is that which gives you everything without much effort from your side and another one is which you get as the fruit of your hard work.
The tenth house is also important because the planet sitting here, the nakshatra (constellation of stars) connected to it, the lord of this house, during the reign (time) of these the person makes a lot of progress and earns a lot of money. During the dasha (planetary time period) of the tenth house the record of all the money earned till date breaks, that is, on the occurrence of dasha of the tenth house, a person receives as much money that he has never seen before.
Everyone would want to know about when the time of such a planet is coming.

11th House the Gain & income, benefits

Your horoscope can tell you what and how much your sources of income will be, the amount of money you will earn, how will the economic condition be? How many opportunities in life you will get because the planets that are connected with the 11th house always give opportunity. This planet is needed to move forward in life. It is very important to know when the time of such a planet will come.

12th house & expenses of life

The twelfth house of the horoscope is considered bad, but there is nothing like that, it is not possible to get harm from one place but it is a place that gives salvation to a person.
It is also called the house of expenses; the planets that are responsible for spending what you have earned are related to this house.

Now, the one who has something to spend, will spend it. If there is a chance of donating in your life, you will know how much it will be from this house. When the time period of the planets sitting here comes, the person incurs big expenses and everyone knows how important the big expenses in life are. From wedding to construction of house, from buying a vehicle to running a house, it is necessary to balance the expenditure. Here the presence of auspicious planets indicates that all your expenses will be on auspicious events and meaningful tasks. From this how your responsibilities are ascertained and also that how true you will stand on those responsibilities.

If there is something bad then you must avoid taking a loan because the loan is not good for any reason.


Debt is not only of money, but the favor of others on us is like debt. It is to see that you do more favours on others or others do more on you.

Whatever we can do by calculating the above mentioned elements, we can do it through the horoscope, but after knowing the things related to the future of any person, we give the same message that instead of depending on luck, if you depend on actions, not only will we ensure our success, but this will also be justice for astrology as it is the creation of God.

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The contents of life prediction must be at least all of this but if you really want me to spend time on your horoscope you must not be hurry for this because this prediction will take time. I will be comfortable if you give me at least 10 days. My promise is whatever you will get, that will be 100% manual and accurate.