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Peetambri sapphire comes from mines of sapphire. Sapphire comes in many colors but this gemstone is really amazing by looks and by its effect. If you look closely it is having blue color and luster is of yellow. The Peetambri Sapphire is effective if your Venus and Jupiter are favorable. Please note that blue sapphire, yellow sapphire and white sapphire have huge difference in effect.

Single Gemstone for Jupiter and Saturn

Yellow sapphire is effective for Jupiter and Blue sapphire for Saturn. But this stone is mixture of these two stones. Apparently this gemstone will save you from Saturn and Jupiter. But the thing is Peetambri does not suit all people.

If by aspect, house interchange or by conjunction your Jupiter is connected with Saturn or if your Jupiter and Saturn have any direct relation in your horoscope you can try this gemstone.

Who can wear Peetambri

  • Saturn must not be harmful for your ascendant.
  • Jupiter must not be harmful for your ascendant.
  • If Jupiter is retrograde and Saturn is favorable.
  • If Jupiter and Saturn both are combust.
  • If Jupiter is debilitated and Saturn’s effect is on Jupiter.
  • Your Saturn must not be in 6, 8, 12th house of horoscope.
  • If your Saturn is debilitated and Jupiter is affected by Saturn.
  • If Yellow Sapphire and Blue Sapphire are suitable for you.

Who should not wear Peetambri

  • You are ascendant Virgo, Gemini and Capricorn.
  • If your moon sign is Virgo, Gemini and Capricorn.
  • If your Saturn is exalted.
  • If your Jupiter is exalted.
  • Yellow sapphire and blue sapphire does not suits you.

Benefits of Peetambri

Jupiter is benefic planet and Saturn is malefic. But when these two planets come together Saturn becomes monk. Saturn leaves its malefic effect. On the other hand the Jupiter gets affected and gives its effect late. Conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter create problems of health like Jaundice, Joint pain, Obesity, Gout, Uric Acid and Gastric problems. Peetambri have the power to overcome all these problems. If you are religious person, Yoga Instructor, Meditation expert or want to become you should try this gemstone. If you want to grow spiritually this gemstone is helpful. Peetambri improves the intuition power and bless person with accuracy in prediction.

Whatever I have learned from my experience I write as it is for my readers. If you have questions, doubts or suggestions, do not hesitate to ask me through comment box below.

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