How do I predict career using my birth chart?

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Your birth chart defines a lot about your life and your choices in life. If something that is destined to happen and cannot be changed. However, through astrology, you can minimize the adverse effects of what is coming your way and boost your strengths and positive aspects of the birth chart. There are a lot of questions about our lives that trouble us. It keeps us awake at night and pondering during the daytime. Let’s have a look at the prediction of a career using a birth chart.

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Most of the time, we all are thinking about our careers. This is because a career brings prosperity and success to our lives. We are at our most content self when we are in good career paths. It is not about money or materialistic stuff, but it is about self-respect, satisfaction, a comfortable life. All these aspects are covered through a career. Even important milestones in our lives like marriage and progeny come after a successful career. Only when you see yourself settled in life, career-wise, you can see yourself having your own family. This brings us to a lot of questions that people usually ask astrologers. Which career path would take me to success? Will I get a government job? When will I get a well-paid job? All these questions sometimes need to be answered for the fulfillment of our desires and the hard work that we put in. Like other aspects of our lives, our birth chart can also indicate what kind of career path is the best for us. A good birth chart reading Tells us what is good and bad for our careers. But more importantly, we should approach Vedic astrology for knowing which career is the best for us. Let’s take a look. All the predictions and calculations in terms of career are on the basis of the twelve zodiac signs, the houses, and the nine planets. Each planet signifies some trait or power that would affect your career. For instance, our minds are dominated by the moon. It regulates our thought process, thinking, emotional well-being, and decisiveness. The tenth house is the most regarded to settle for an appropriate career. Therefore, the strength of your tenth house matters a lot. Along with that, your moon sign should not be ignored when it comes to career choice considerations. Major factors affecting this decision are-

  • The placement of the lord of the fifth house and the third house.
  • The strength and positioning of the lord of the tenth house.
  • The placement of the moon and sun in your birth chart
  • The positioning and strength of planets in your Navamsa Chart.
  • The ruling Antardasha and Mahadasha planets.
  • Transiting planets and their effects.
  • The Aatmamaraka planet.
  • Effects of planetary positions and conjunctions on the tenth house.

The other aspect being the moon sign indicates that certain career parts are made for specific moon signs. Let’s have a look:

  • Aries- politician, soldier, a government official.
  • Taurus- educator, designer, engineer.
  • Gemini- Journalists, Writers, Accountants.
  • Cancer- Social worker, interior decorator, teacher
  • Leo- CEO, realtor, politics
  • Virgo- critic, editor, teacher
  • Libra- Diplomat, surgeon, lawyer
  • Scorpio- physicist, educator, surgeon
  • Capricorn- Banker, administrator, IT
  • Aquarius- Consultants, astrologer, counselors
  • Pisces- Philanthropist, Nurse, Psychologists

Now it has cleared that prediction of career using birth chart is very useful. The above-mentioned careers are best suited for particular moon signs according to their mindset. It would be best if you check your planetary positions in the birth chart and the state of the tenth house and lord of the tenth house and then come to a conclusion. All in all, our birth charts Indicate a lot about our career. We need to take a look at all the aspects combined. Consult an expert astrologer to get accurate reading, suggestions, and guidance.

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