Rahu – The Stone of your Path

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During the walk on the road, if you find any stone with which you could stumble, then immediately without any hesitation remove such a stone from the path, by doing so, you are not only removing the barrier of your path, but you are also helping others to reach their respective destination smoothly. According to astrology, “Path” & “Stone” are the symbol of “Time” and “obstacles” respectively. In the astrology, Rahu has been compared to the obstacle on the path. God has probably created the demonic powers to remind us that later or sooner you will come to know the difference between good and bad, religious and non-religious. You would have notice that some people continue to flourish even after doing wrong. But don’t shake your faith because may be the Creator has created them for any special purpose. Submit Your Birth Details to Get Marriage Age Prediction by Date of Birth Free Online in the Form Below:

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In ordinary life, you see that you have to face difficulties, you have to suffer at each step, you should understand that you must have committed a crime inadvertently, which has resulted in the form of difficulty. If it is not so, then be patient, it may be your examination, because the path of truth & religion is full of thorns and problems, to walk on it is not a children’s play. The planet Rahu is not only the obstacle of the path but planet Rahu teaches us that every moment we should be ready for the future because “sudden work” is a sign of Rahu. Always keep in mind that Rahu adheres to the order of Saturn. If you are aware of daily ephemeris then certainly you know that at present, Rahu is sitting in the Cancer zodiac, and Mars is situated in Capricorn zodiac sign in the exalted position, this powerful Mars from its seventh aspect affecting Rahu. According to astrology, this is a grim situation, if you observe around the situation in the family, the society and the country, you will find that there are storms everywhere, the political environment is also stormy, the situation of mystery remains everywhere. Mars, Ketu, and Rahu are behind this situation. This effect of Mars Rahu and Ketu will continue to affect everyone in the world until November this year. In this condition, people of Cancer, Libra and Aquarius should be especially careful because these zodiac signs are under the influence of fire like planet Mars and Ketu. There is a need to be faithful to the religion, so remove the stones from the others’ path; the stones of your path will be removed automatically. Rahu & Ketu are mysterious planets while Mars is very powerful at this time. It is not true what you see but the truth is not always visible but it remains forever.

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