Sagittarius Marriage Horoscope 2020

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Present Planetary Situation

At present the current planetary position for Sagittarius is looking adverse if we talk about the marriage prediction, in 2020 there is ray of hope from Jupiter only but Saturn in seventh house is showing delay in marriage and the rest of the other planets are making time adverse for marriage.


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Sagittarius Marriage Horoscope January 2020

In the month of January, Jupiter is in twelfth house of your horoscope along with Mercury while Saturn and Sun are in the first house of the horoscope. It means that the there is no chances of marriage. It is advice you to wait a bit because of the position of Rahu & Ketu as  Rahu and Ketu are going to make a change in the month of April. So it is okay to create a marriage program in the month of January, but the marriage is still far away.

Sagittarius Marriage Horoscope February 2020

In the month of February, there is no considerable change in the position of planets. So the prediction of marriage for the month of February is that there is delay in marriage. The aspect of Mars will remain on the Jupiter due to which obstacles in marriage will arise and there are no chances of marriage.

Sagittarius Marriage Horoscope March 2020

In the month of March, Mercury will sit in its debilitated sign though Jupiter’s aspect is on Mercury but there is lack of auspiciousness in the Jupiter and it is not capable of creating marriage-worthy situation. No marriage proposal will go ahead and March will remain like previous two months so marriage chance is not yet there.

Sagittarius Marriage Horoscope April 2020

In the month of April, Jupiter will change the zodiac sign and will enter into the first house of the horoscope unfortunately Rahu will be in the seventh house. Still this is the best time for the Love Marriage. The people of Sagittarius who are eagerly waiting for marriage may get ready for marriage. It is quite possible that their waits for marriage may come to an end in this month and there are chances of sudden marriage also in this month.  

Sagittarius Marriage Horoscope May 2020

In the month of May, Retrograde Jupiter will enter into twelfth house of the horoscope of Sagittarius. This planetary position is indicating that marriage talk may break. Therefore marriage prediction for the month of May is not favourable for you. You will not be able to accept any marriage proposal.

Sagittarius Marriage Horoscope June 2020

 In the month of June, the Mars will be in the seventh house of the horoscope along with Rahu and this planetary position will disturbs the environment of your family. There will be lack of marriage chances completely. The marriage prediction for the month of June is bringing frustration. As the Jupiter has comeback in the Scorpio sign so taking a big decision like marriage will not be in your favor.

Sagittarius Marriage Horoscope July 2020

In the month of July, the seventh house of the horoscope shall be under the influence of Sun for first two weeks of July and it will create creates the obstacles for marriage. If it seems to you that the marriage talk & marriage proposal may turn into the marriage then I will advise you to take time for the final decision. Don’t take any decision in haste as there are full chances that your decision may be wrong. Keep patience and wait for some time.

Sagittarius Marriage Horoscope August 2020

In the month of August, the marriage prediction looks good and favourable. The Mercury will occupy the Gemini sign in the seventh house and this is good sign. You may get married in this month and if it doesn’t so then at least you will definitely see your engagement. This month is good for the love birds also.

Sagittarius Marriage Horoscope September 2020

In the month of September, the ninth house of the horoscope is under the influence of many planets and no doubt this is good sign. You may receive many good marriage proposals and you shall have many options, choices. Marriage prediction is favorable. Your may get engaged.  

Sagittarius Marriage Horoscope October 2020

In the month of October, the marriage prediction for Sagittarius is favourable for those who are in love relationship and want love marriage.  

Sagittarius Marriage Horoscope November 2020

In the month of November, the twelfth house of the horoscope of Sagittarius shall be under the influence of three auspicious planets and the aspect of the Jupiter will also on the seventh house. This planetary position is creating benefic chances for marriage. The marriage prediction says that you can get married in this month.

Sagittarius Marriage Horoscope December 2020

The December is going to be very important month for you as far as marriage is concern. If your marriage is fixed then there are chances that you are going to get married in this month. There are strong chances of marriage in this month.

As far as Arrange Marriage is concerned, 2020 is not good for Sagittarius and there are very less possibilities of marriage, but Marriage prediction says that Love Marriage can be done any time after March.

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