Seventh House & Saptmesh – 7th House in Kundali

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There are total 12 houses, and out of these 12 houses, the 7th house represents partnerships and relationships. It is the house in which Jyotish Guru’s and astrologers look to predict about marriage, business relationships, harmony in the marriage life, issues arising in the marriage life, and so on.

The 7th house is ruled by Venus but it does not mean other planets cannot enter in the 7th house; they do enter in this house and their presence in the house convey different meanings and impacts on a person’s marital and business relationships.

Let us see what happens when different planets enter in the 7th house:

  • The presence of Moon in this house means the person will have a beautiful and an attractive spouse with beautiful, sweet, and charming nature. She will make his life full of love and sweetness with her love and charm. It also establishes peace in the life. Also, the presence of Moon in this house is good for business and business relationships especially for the businesses related to trading, import & export, construction, and general stores.
  • The presence of Sun in this house in not at all good. Its consequences include difficult marriage life and business relationships. In fact, the longer presence of Sun may lead into the separation of husband and wife.
  • The presence of Mars in this house leads into the hardest marriage life, lack of physical relationship, and death of spouse.
  • The presence of Saturn in this house means late marriage, and after marriage, there should be no such harmony between husband and wife. It may also result in legal issues, divorce, death of spouse, and quarrel between both. It is also not good for business, as it causes loss in the business.
  • The presence of Ketu in the 7th house is not good too. It leads into mysterious life like lack of trust, lack of harmony, lack of love, and daily arguments on small things. Also, it is not good for business, as the person becomes irritated and does not easily trust anyone, which is not good for a business because trust is the top pointer in a successful business.
  • You may have heard that if the 7th house has more than one planet then the person will have many marriages. It is not at all completely true. Chances of many marriages depend on the combination of planets in the 7th house. For example, the presence of below planets indicates two marriages:
    • Mars and Saturn
    • Sun and Saturn
    • Sun and Rahu
    • Sun and Mars
    • Rahu and Saturn

In fact as many powerful planets will be in 7th house, more marriages will take place in life. If planets are not strong the relationship will built up and later end to a break up.

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