Significance of Kundali Reading for Marriages

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The world is quite familiar with the importance of Kundali reading. It has an influence on all fields of life, whether it is childbirth, health, business, education, investments, career, etc. It is all the more important for giving solutions and remedies to people who are suffering from numerous problems in life. What happens in Kundali reading?

When it comes to Kundali reading, your natal chart or birth chart is taken into consideration based on which your entire life and the various aspects of it are determined and analyzed. Right from Infancy to a person’s death, everything can be mapped out through Kundali reading.

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What exactly makes or constitutes a Janam Kundali? When you are born, certain celestial bodies govern your birth. According to the time of your birth, certain planets and birth stars are also known as nakshatras, are positioned in your birth chart. These planets and other celestial bodies and their placement in the twelve houses of astrology that signifies every aspect of life determines your entire well-being. A very important and essential aspect of your life is marriage for most of us. It is the beginning of a new life and new prospects. Kundali reading is by far the most crucial factor that makes or breaks a marriage. Of course, there has to be trust, respect, and love between the couple, but without Kundali reading, there would always remain an unawareness of the odds coming our way.

What is the relevance of Kundali reading in marriages?

  • Much before The marital alliance, there needs to be a validation of the relationship. Astrology plays a vital role in the union of two people who choose to spend their lives forever together. Prior to that, it is essential to get our Kundalis matched as the couple would be aware of all the negative consequences of the alliance and follow the remedies and solutions given by the astrologer to nullify them. Major problems like- health deterioration, bad luck, progeny issues, extramarital affairs, etc. are exceptionally looked for(if there are any).
  • Kundali reading should not be underestimated when it comes to arrange marriages as not only the couple but both families are unaware of nature, future prospects, and background. Only reading helps the two families know their son-in-law, daughter-in-law, and each other. If it is an entirely arranged marriage, then it is better to consider Kundali reading and know whether the couple would be a perfect match for each other or not. This would save everyone from the emotional investment that a marital alliance requires.
  • It helps the girl and the boy understand each other. No marriage is perfect, and everyone wishes for advice and suggestions so as to make the marriage work. Through Kundali reading, the girl and boy would get to know about each other’s nature and work and adjust accordingly. Through Guna matching, the person would be able to understand how compatible they are emotionally, physically, and mentally.
  • Marriages in India are not just between two persons; it is an alliance of two families. This makes Kundali reading all the more significant as it can predict the girl’s relationship with her in-laws and vice versa. Welcoming a new person to a family is a big decision and cannot be taken for granted. Kundali reading helps determine whether the daughter-in-law would be lucky, neutral, or unlucky for her husband, in-laws. That being said, the same goes for the girl as her relationship with her in-laws is checked through Kundali reading for her security, prosperity, and happiness.

Marriages take a lot of work and require honesty, love, and respect. Astrologers, through Kundali reading, leave no stone unturned to make your alliance a blissful one.

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