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Solution for problems in an Arranged Marriage

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This is a very serious subject. Apart from being serious, the field of this subject is also very vast. Being an astrologer, I will try to analyze this subject according to astrology. I will divide the subject into two parts. First, what kind of problems will the boy face in arrange marriage and possible solution of the same. Second, what kind of possible problems the girl may face in the arrange marriage and possible solution of them.

Arrange Marriage and obstacles in the study of Girls

The arranged marriage is a system in which the parents of the boy and girl choose their life partner. In many cases, the boy and the girl did not even see each other, so the question of likes or dislikes does not arise. The parents of the girl only want to search for a good boy and in many cases the age of the girl is very less and sometimes she is still studying but she is forced to marry. She also wants to study further, but because her parents are marrying her as they have found out the suitable boy for her, no one pays any attention to her studies.


The reason of this problem and possible solution can be found only checking the horoscope of the girl. The second house of the horoscope represents the primary education while we consider the higher education from the fifth house of the horoscope. If these houses or the lord of these houses are afflicted then obstacles arise in the study. We can suggest remedies by looking at the position of these planets in the horoscope.

Arrange marriage and the career of the Girls

In the arrange marriage, the choice of the girl is not seen, no one care about the dreams of the girl. it is only seen that the boy is good and because of this, all the dreams of the girl shatter. In many cases, girl’s career is very good and running successfully or she is doing a good job but because her parents have found a suitable match for her for marriage, the family force her to give up a successful career. If this type of problem happens then what can be the solution?


If the girl has to leave her city due to marriage or due to the transfer of husband, then, in that case, we recommend pleasing the place deity or suggest a remedy that will please the place deity. Once the place deity is pleased then the person need not leave the village or city. She can remain in the same place by the grace of the deity, but we can do this solution only after checking the horoscope.

Nature, the attitude of Husband and Arrange Marriage

The biggest fear the Girls have in the arrange Marriage is the nature or attitude of their future partner will be like. They do not know how their husband will behave with them. If his nature is not matched with her or his nature is contrary to the nature of the girl. What will happen to the girl if the boy has a bad habit?


In this problem, we see the horoscope of the girl. If the lord of the seventh house in the horoscope of the girl is auspicious. If it is sitting in the seventh house or it is sitting in some other auspicious house and there is no sight of any sinful planet on it, then the girl should have all the happiness of married life. if the significator planet of marriage in the horoscope of the girl is auspicious, then she will lead a completely successful married life. If due to any reason Jupiter is afflicted, we may suggest remedy but we can do this only by looking at the horoscope.

The life in the house of in-laws and Girls

In the arranged marriage, the girls have to face such a fear that after marriage a new family will accept her or not. Her nature and the nature of her in-laws will be mixed with each other.


In this type of case also, we check the horoscope, the seventh house in the girl’s birth chart, the lord planet of the seventh house. If all these are auspicious, then these types of problems do not come to the girl if she is suffering then we suggest remedies so that she does not face any kind of problem

Arrange Marriage and Boy

So far, we have analyzed the problems that the girl has to face due to the arranged marriage. Now we will consider the problems that the boy also confronts with. It is not the situation that the girl only faces a different type of problem due to arrange marriage but the boy also has to face the problems. The same situation happens with boys also.

Adjustment with my family

After marriage, the boy is always afraid that if the nature of my wife does not mingle with my parents and other family members. If she does not adjust with my family then what will my future? My life will be full of difficulties.


If the lord planet of the seventh place in the horoscope of the boy is favourable, auspicious. The marriage significator Venus is auspicious, and then the marital life of the boy will be fine. If any planet is afflicted, we may suggest the remedy to pacify the sinful or afflicted planets.

My wife will love me or not and Boy

In many cases in the arrange marriage, the boys fear unknown whether my wife will love me or not, will she not love me?


Such fears are baseless and we can analyze the reason of this kind of fear by looking at the horoscope, but one thing is sure that if Venus in the birth chart of the boy, which is the significator of marriage, is auspicious, then he will get a very loving wife. If the lord of seventh house is auspicious and it is in the seventh place in the horoscope then he does not face any kind of problem in the marriage, the marital life is successful.

The conclusion

This subject is a very broad subject. We cannot tell much about this subject only on the basis of inference. If you are facing any such problem, please contact us with your horoscope so that we may resolve your problem. Both the cause and its solution will be explained to you in detail. We will be able to tell you by looking at the horoscope whether your problem can be solved or not. So don’t hesitate to contact us.


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