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Solution for Problems in Love Marriage in Horoscope

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Before resolving the problems coming in the path of love marriage, it is very important to know what are the possible problems that may come in the way of love marriage. According to my experience, the following problems have been seen generally youngsters have to face who are interested in love marriage and want to get love marriage.

One-sided love with a girl

In many cases, it happens that the young man loves the girl and likes her, wants to marry her but the girl does not give her consent. She says that you are good. You are smart, you don’t have any deficiency but I did not think about making you, my soul mate.


In this type of cases, there are some mantras mentioned in astrology, if regularly chant, we can subdue someone and make a place for ourselves in the mind & heart of others, but it is not appropriate to mention this kind of mantra in this article. If you are going through this type of problem, please contact us.

Unable to get the consent of Mother & Father

The biggest and most common hurdle that comes in the way of love marriage is that of parents, caste, religion etc. If you want to do love marriage and your parents do not agree due to caste, religion or any other reason. I will advise you to not take any wrong step. If you are unable to do love marriage due to religion, caste or society, then you should not take any wrong step but try to find the solution through astrology. A good solution can easily obtain through astrology.


You must contact personally. Remedy will be provided in the shape of the flawless gemstone. Both of you will be advised to wear gemstone according to your horoscope and if the obstruction of the planets through this gemstone is removed then all the obstacles in the path of your love marriage will be finished. The second remedy is the power of mantra. A lot of patience is required to prove a mantra, but if you have strong will power, you can prove it. The mantra cannot be mentioned in the article. There is a method of providing a Mantra. Mantra is provided according to that method.

One-sided love with a boy

Earlier I told that the young man might fell in one-sided love towards a young woman. But sometimes the situation is completely reversed. It has been seen many times that young women also fall in love with unilaterally. If a young girl falls in love with a boy and wants to convert his love into marriage, then there is nothing wrong, but the problem is that love is one-sided. The young boy is not ready for this marriage. What should be done in this situation?


If a girl is in the grip of one-sided love of a young man, then the girl should do a very simple solution. I have seen from my experience that this remedy never fails. The name of this remedy is sixteen Monday fast. Goddess Parvathi received Lord Shiva as her husband through this fast. The fast should be done in a systematic manner and should done completion of this fast. If you are willing to do this fast, please contact us for information and material.

Conclusion – If you are facing any kind of problem in your life then you may contact us. We provide all kind of astrological help including horoscope matching, horoscope checking, family dispute, job related problems etc. We provide and suggest remedy. Our remedies are very simple and one can easily perform. If anyone interested we suggest the gemstone also. Therefore, if you have any problem then do not hesitate to contact us.


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