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Sun plays a vital role for health of native. If affected by malefic planets in horoscope sun create health issues. As per Indian Astrology Sun is considered as the Soul. Therefore the soul of the Native will be weak if Sun is weak in the horoscope. This create paranormal problems. Sun weakens the confidence level because it is the Sun which gives the firmness, strong will power and ability to work with patience in the hour of need.  If sun is weak you will find out the following symptoms in your life…

Malefic Effect on Sun  & diseases

Lack of self confidence, get distracted very easily, get nervous, confused, disturb on the patty issues.  Sun is also considered as bones factor in the body. In other words, it represents the bones. Due to bad effect of malefic planets on the Sun native may have the problems like trail of blue swelling, swelling on the body due to Mars’ effect, internal injury due to effect of Rahu and its effect lasts for a long time. Unconsciousness, Epilepsy, Bone cancer or stiffness is also due to Rahu’s effect on Sun and in some cases these diseases cannot be diagnose easily & early.

Mars Effect on Sun  & diseases

Mars represents blood and Saturn being a cold planet freezes the blood in the joint of body. With the collective effect of Mars & Saturn on Sun the Native may become the victim of Joint pain or arthritis disease, Uric acid and in the worst, extreme condition any part of body may become disable or the native may have Gout or Arthritis.

Saturn & Ketu’s Effect on Sun  & diseases

Saturn & Ketu’s collective effect on Sun even don’t give the chance for the treatment to Native. Both the planet together forces the Native lay down on the hospital bed for a long time or forever.

Mars and Rahu’s Effect on Sun  & diseases

The bones diseases diagnoses very lately and sometimes diagnose at the final stage. It happens due to Rahu’s evil effect on Sun. Rahu is mainly responsible for the diseases of back bone. The injury to Back bone occurs due to effect of Mars or Ketu but always keep in mind that Rahu alone does not give the injury there should be some relation between Mars and Rahu.

Sun & Ketu’s Effect on Sun  & diseases

In case of Sun affected by Ketu the Native may get internal injury or injury in head, internal injury in head. In the worst condition the native’s bones may be broken.

Mars & Ketu’s Effect on Sun  & diseases

If Sun is affected by both Mars & Ketu the native may get the death in the accident. But if Sun is under the 5, 7, 9 sight of Jupiter the Native may escape from the mouth of death.

Saturn Effect on Sun  & diseases

In case the Sun is affected by Saturn alone then the Native suffers from mild headache. These headaches sometimes cure but not completely and it comes again. The native have to depend upon the pain killer occasionally. The other issue might be like eye sight serious problems.

Saturn & Rahu Effect on Sun  & diseases

When Saturn along with the Rahu affect the Sun then the situation becomes worst. The native may become the victim of disease in which blood freeze in the head and may also have the Uric acid problem.

Solutions of Bad Sun in Horoscope

If the planet sun in your horoscope is also affected or you see some symptom as mentioned above, I would suggest you to chant the following Mantra 21 times at the time of Sun rise in the morning.

ॐ घ्रिणी सूर्याय नमः  (om ghrini suryaye namah)

Whenever you get the time try to chant the above Mantra. This Mantra shall minimize the effect of diseases if you are already diseased. No doubt this Mantra will also save you from any future disease; increase your confidence level and will not overwhelmed the disease upon you.

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