Taurus and Pisces Love and Marriage Compatibility 2020

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The topic of today’s discussion is, If there is any kind of relationships like love or marriage among the people of Taurus and Pisces zodiac, then whether this relationship will be compatible or not in 2020. But, before proceeding on this subject, it is necessary to know how the people of Taurus and Pisces are naturally, which kind of their nature is.

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  • First, let me tell you briefly about the qualities and demerits of men and women of Taurus. People of Taurus are beautiful, their personality is attractive. The symbol of the Taurus sign is a bull. You know how much strength a bull has; similarly, people of Taurus sign have immense potential. They are very powerful as well as creative. People of Taurus are known as artistic and determined, that is, once they have decided that this work is to be done, and then they breathe only after completing that work.
  • People of Taurus do not quarrel with anyone without reason. They are of very practical nature and can be called very trustworthy and loyal. The more faithful and trustworthy they are, they look the other people with the same sight. Therefore, they easily believe in others, that is, they are not of the type of sceptic and suspicious type people without reason.
  • They are the people, who are full of self-respecting so much that once they have made any concept about someone in their mind or someone hurt their heart, then you cannot change them easily. You should not hurt their self-respect under any circumstances. But, many times this self-respect take the form of ego and because of this people consider them egoistic.
  • Everyone is having Qualities as well as demerits, now let me tell you their other characteristics. They want a sense of dedication in love and dedicate themselves to their lover. People of Taurus are very romantic. They are very sincere and loyal to their partner and together they expect their partner to be honest and loyal to them in the same spirit. I have told many times before that the people of Taurus are practical and their behaviour is practical. They want others to be practical because they want the same behaviour from others also.


  • Let’s talk about Pisces. Pisces people are beautiful, attractive. But you cannot call their personality impressive. They are very imaginative. If you look carefully, you will find that Pisces people will always look restless. They lack confidence. Remember, there is only a lack of confidence, not a lack of knowledge. They are the kind of people, who lost in themselves and remain busy in their imagination.
  • Pisces people are very kind-hearted. It is their good features that they are easy, reliable, intelligent, but at the same time, they are firm superstitious and staunch religious performers. You can call it their speciality or qualities that they prefer to be alone a lot.
  • People of Pisces love beauty. But you can also call them the priests of wisdom. It is their inbuilt quality that they love the fine arts. An important point has been noticed about Pisces, I have experienced that it is common for people of this zodiac to have two marriages.
  • Pisces people are emotional and that is why some people take advantage of them. They fall into short-term relationships by falling into emotionality. At times, it thrills them and they accept such short-term relationships. But they cannot be blamed for it because of their nature. If anyone loves them, they believe in them blindly. The reason is that they are very sensitive. However, remember that if someone offends them, they do not forget him and never forgive him easily.

So this was the description of these two signs. Now let’s talk about if the people of these two zodiac signs fall in love with each other or are already married, then how will the year 2020 be for them, will they be compatible with each other or not?

Compatibility Taurus – The people of Taurus, I want to tell you that in the year 2020 the three months of April, May and June, the position of planets is very favourable for your love life and married life. If you are in love relationship and willing to get married then no problem will come. I also tell you the reason for this. Venus, the lord of Taurus, will transit in Taurus from March 22 to July 31 and will put its seventh sight at the place of marriage and create favourable conditions for your married life. Around the same time on 30 March, Jupiter will transit from Sagittarius to Capricorn. The ninth place of the horoscope is the place of auspicious works, sitting in it, Jupiter will put its sight on the ascendant & fifth place and will create very auspicious conditions for you. These two planets play an important role in the married life of any person. You know the lord of Taurus is Venus and Lord Planet of Pisces sign is Jupiter. The people of Taurus will have no problem of compatibility with the people of Pisces sign. 

Compatibility Pisces – The people of Pisces sign, who were unmarried and were in a relationship with someone, should be happy as their waiting period is going to end in the year 2020. The planetary position is telling that you will definitely get the success in your love marriage. The first six months of the year according to planetary positions are making very auspicious yoga for marriage and married life. Jupiter is in the eleventh house of your horoscope, it is putting its full sight on the fifth and seventh place. This situation is auspicious for marriage. Similarly, Venus is sitting in the third place of your horoscope and putting its full sight in the ninth place. This situation is telling that there will be compatibility between you and auspicious work will happen in your house. I already told that lord of Taurus is Venus and lord of Pisces is Jupiter, both planets are indicating that if you are relationship and willing to get married then there will be no problem. If you are, already married then married life will go on smoothly during April, May, June this year. There will not be any problem of compatibility between the Taurus and Pisces in 2020. 

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