Taurus Marriage Horoscope 2020

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Taurus marriage horoscope prediction of 2020 is almost good for Tauruspeople but in the period of Mars aspect marriage prediction will be negative. Here’s Taurus Marriage horoscope of 2020 by Ashok Prajapati.

No doubt the year 2020 is very important for the Taurus people. Rahu & Ketu are considered big planets. The month of April will witness the transit of Rahu & Ketu from Cancer to Gemini and Capricorn to Sagittarius. They will be exalted in these sign and will influence the life of Taurus.

Current Planetary Position for the Taurus

The Jupiter is auspicious for you and will remain as is. The placement of Saturn in the eighth house is little bad for business and problem for the people who are in the job may increase but the source of income may remain unchanged. Rahu & Ketu are favorable till the March end. Due to the sight of Jupiter, you will be able to get the positive results from all your works. No doubt success will hit your steps, will make the future planning and will get the good news. Time for the marriage is good. The Taurus people who are waiting for marriage may receive the good news of their marriage.

Taurus Marriage horoscope January 2020

As far as the planetary situation is concerned, all the planets during this month are positive for Taurus. Ascendant Venus has the company of Jupiter so there is a strong possibility of marriage in this month. The people of Taurus who are eagerly waiting for marriage, their waiting period may come to end in this month.

Taurus Marriage horoscope February 2020

Ascendant Venus will transit in the Sagittarius sign along with Saturn during this month in the eighth house of the horoscope. The remaining other planets are positive so February seems good for the marriage but during the middle of this month, the sight of Mars shall be on Jupiter and on the seventh house. The sight of Mars on the seventh house is considered ill for the marriage; therefore, this month is not favorable for marriage especially after 10th February.

Taurus Marriage horoscope March 2020

Mars will create hurdles for the marriage during March. Whenever Mars put its sight on the seventh house then hurdles come in the marriage. These three planets Rahu, Ketu & Jupiter are favorable for the marriage. In spite of sight of Mars, the marriage of some people is possible in the March month. This marriage prediction shall be applicable to those also who are in a love relationship are willing for marriage.

Taurus Marriage horoscope April 2020

Rahu & Ketu will transit in the second & eighth house of your horoscope in April. This planetary situation forms the transfer yog. Therefore, apart from the marriage, there are other important works also in your life during this month. You shall be busy in the April especially up to 10th April. After 10th April Mars will accompany Rahu in the second house of the horoscope and this planetary situation will create the turmoil in your home. There shall be so much chaos in your house that the possibility of marriage will look bleak.

Taurus Marriage horoscope May 2020

Though Venus will be exalted during May the beginning of May is not good. If you are waiting for marriage then May month is going to be very important for you after the 10th of May. As far as, love marriage is concerned the May month will prove itself very good for you.

Taurus Marriage horoscope June 2020

As far as the planetary situation is concerned, there is no change in the planet. The marriage yog is there and there look no hurdles for the marriage.

Taurus Marriage horoscope July 2020

There shall be the environment of utter chaos in your house during July. You shall be unable to concentrate on one subject and in your family also everyone will have a different opinion. It is very difficult to talk about marriage in this type of strange atmosphere.

Taurus Marriage horoscope August 2020

The atmosphere of your home shall be improved and to some extent, you will see the peaceful atmosphere. There will be many planets in the third house of the horoscope. If you are looking for favorable time for the marriage then there is no obstacle for the same up to the middle of the August. Those who are in a relationship and willing for love marriage, they may go forward as the month of August is best for them in the year 2019.

Taurus Marriage horoscope September 2020

In the month of September Mars will sit in the fourth house of your horoscope. Therefore, there is a possibility of interference in marriages in this month. The position of Sun-Mercury will also remain in the fourth house of your horoscope. Jupiter is suffering from aspect of Mars, hence the month of September is not good for marriage-related work.

Taurus Marriage horoscope October 2020

In October, Mars will arrive in the fifth house of your horoscope and its sight will be removed from the marriage house. It’s time to give relief, so the marriage of those people were stuck earlier is now possible in the month of October but don’t forget this is the last chance for you, after which the chance of marriage is going to be diminished.

Taurus Marriage horoscope November 2020

At the beginning of November month, Saturn is affected by Mars’s sight and Mars is under the sight of Saturn. As Mars is the lord of the seventh house of your horoscope, therefore it is necessary that Mars should be free from Saturn’s sight. This is especially important for women, as long as Saturn’s sight remains on Mars, there is no chance of marriage for the Taurus people, so November’s month does not predict your marriage. After the transit of Mars in Libra in the seventh house of your horoscope during the middle of November the Seventh house of the horoscope will be under the ill effect of Mars & Saturn. For this reason, hurdles & obstacles will arise in the path of marriage and the situation will get worsened.

Taurus Marriage horoscope December 2020

In the month of December, Jupiter will sit with Saturn in the eighth house, hence the chances of marriage is not in the month of December for Taurus zodiac.

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